Thursday, April 5, 2012

Washington DC

Today I wanted to share few highlights from our day trip to Washington DC  celebrating my birthday.  Just like the last time I was here, I'm wondering why we dont get down to our nations capital more often? It's such a beautiful, energy infused, treasure trove of a city that sits a meer hour away from us- yet we hardly ever explore it. I'm hoping to change that this spring and summer, and since we never got beyond the Museum of Natural History during this visit I'm sure we'll be back again sooner rather than later.
As soon as you walk into the museum you are greeted by this large African scene featuring a large grey elephant, and seeing this takes me right back to being a little girl and visiting the museum as a child.

The shell and fossil exhibit was one of my favorite, and this shell in particular stood out. When I got home and edited this photo, I loved it even more!

The t-rex and "dinosaur bone" wing of the museum is another place that brings me right back to being a kid. As a child I loved dinosaurs and would request a trip to the museum to see the fossils whenever I could. 

The Gem and Mineral section of the museum is where we spent the most time, and it was hands down my favorite area. Joe was a good sport as I out endless gemstone varieties and took millions of photos. 
I find that Joe's serious demeanor really shines through in the photograph.
We had a great day exploring this local city and I thank you for joining me in looking at some of the highlights. I hope we have encouraged you to get out and explore the fabulous locations that surround you. 


JBird said...

that bear is about to give me a bro hug. pics look great baby! great time in DC

Laurie said...

Lovely - I totally agree: I adore spending time in DC, too!