Friday, September 30, 2011


Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to find out what I've got up my sleeve. I think you're gonna like it... :)
Thursday, September 29, 2011

To market to market...

I thought I'd share a few photos from my latest antiquing trip. Although there were no "major" purchases, I sure did find some great little treasures.  I love everything I found, including the prices I paid. I'll be holding onto most of the items, but a few might make an appearance in my shop!
These bottles were actually my last purchase of the day, but one of my favorite. I'm a sucker for green or blue glass bottles, especially when there are imperfections or bubbles in them. These bottles have both, and I snatched both of them up for only $3.50 each. What I love most about them are the rounded bottoms. I've never seen anything like it, but couldn't resist. At that price, why would I?!?!?!
I've been seeing wicker wrapped bottles popping up a lot lately in blogs and magazines.  They always catch my eye and I think they look tres francaise, non? 
Believe it or not, I actually debated over the $15 price tag on this beauty.  Why? I have no idea.
It was my first purchase of the day, and it only took me about 10 minutes post-purchase to realize that $15 was actually an amazing deal! I couldn't find another one for under $30. The first purchase is always the hardest for me, but this was a great start!
Oh, how I love old wood wall paper print blocks.  (it's on my to-do list to photograph and share with you my collection).  This one has a particularly gorgeous pattern carved into the surface and is in great condition. 
 Although it's hard to tell in a photo, this block measures approximatly 8 inches long. Such a treasure! At only $15, its a steel too- most print blocks start at $30. 
Behold one of the most beautiful pieces of ephemera I've ever owned! This tiny little water color seal is a beautiful example of early folk art. 
This baby is being framed asap. 
This charming little cardboard box is embellished with fabric edges and great victorian elements. Too cute to pass up!

More ephemera for me to love!
Beautiful notebooks filled with sheet music. 

Sweet little beaded flowers also came home with me, as they often do!

Thanks for checking out all of my latest finds, I hope you've enjoyed the recap :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A preview

I've got some exciting news to share with you.  But I'm not going to spill the beans until Saturday morning. Sorry!  

But trust me, if you like the photographs in this post, then you're going to want to check back for sure. It will be worth the wait- I promise!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I found these sweet little heart pins at the brocante (the french word for flea market) recently, and I just couldn't resist them. I love the care that was taken when the letters were hand-engraved so long ago. Even the little "mistake" at the bottom of the M is endearing. 
And I swoon over the beaded and scalloped edges. They are so romantic and charming.  
I can't help but envision a sweet pair of earrings made from these little love tokens...
Friday, September 23, 2011


Happy first day of fall! Cheers to a new season full of laughter, memories, hot cider, and flea markets!
Thursday, September 22, 2011

The whole experience

Today I received something that I ordered on Etsy over two weeks ago.  Yes,  over two weeks.  And when I got a look at the packaging I was quite flabbergasted, just as I am  so many time when I receive something purchased from a fellow Etsy vendor.
I truly feel that when someone purchases something from your shop, care should be taken in the packaging, appearance, and presentation. It's all part of the experience of shopping at your "store".  When I open an obviously-found-in-a-dumpster brown box full of products I've just paid for which are un-mindfully packaged I definitely don't feel appreciated. In fact, I feel the opposite.  And when someone has given you their hard earned money attention should be paid to getting them their purchases in a timely manner.  Again, it's part of the experience. 

Oh, and please don't include hand written excerpts from the bible. Wrong time, wrong place, no matter what your faith. 
I'd like to think that it's not an attitude of "I got the money, now get this out of my hair" that causes this situation, and more oblivion on the part of the seller. But being a shop owner myself, I can tell you careful consideration goes into ever detail of my shipping process. I quite enjoy it actually, and I'd be embarrassed to send out some of the packages I've received in past.  One of my very favorite pieces of feedback from my shop reads "Fabulous little vintage find. Liz takes pride in her etsy shop, with gorgeous packaging. Thank you."   I do indeed take pride in my products, and when something has been sold, I consider the way I package to be a way to say "thank you"!
I also wanted to add that I really debated over writing this post, as I don't like to include anything negative, but I've found this issue happening to me more and more. And I'm curious, does this ever happen to you? Do you agree that packing effects your perception of a "shop"? Am I being too picky? I'd love to hear what you guys think :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Shop

I wanted to thank you for your supportive and kind responses regarding all of my artwork that I've been sharing lately.  It feel so good to be creative again, and all of your encouragement makes me want to keep going :) I really can't thank you enough! 
It's been a long time goal of mind to re-open an etsy shop filled with my own handmade goods. I had wanted  to wait until I had dozens of products to "debut" with, but that day doesn't seem to be coming. So tonight I decided to go for it! I opened The French Poste with only two products (by bird collages under glass)! I hope you can stop by and check them out. Tomorrow I plan on making a banner for my site and adding 3 more collages.  I'll keep you posted as more items get added!  

I hope you all have a great week :)
Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finishing touches

I've been working away on my soldering skills, and having a great time doing so. Making these sweet little pieces means I get to do a bit of collaging before warming up the soldering iron. 
Once complete, I add complimentary ribbon to make the collages "hang-able". 
The front sides of the collages feature sweet birds on braches that have been laid over original pieces of ledger paper dating back to 1900.  Above you have a back view of the collages. The collage on the right has a sheet of paper from an old book diagraming egg varieties. The book once belonged to the Brooklyn Public Library, and still bears its stamp. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back to reality

We're home from the beach and back to reality. Unfortunately.  

We had a fabulous time at the shore and we were sad to leave our posh beach house, good friends, and carefree living. 

The water was perfect and the beach was pretty empty since we're technically in "off season". We all spend hours in the water floating around and riding waves. It was the first time I'd been in ocean water in years, and it ended up being my favorite part of the entire trip! 

I'm spending today doing some serious cleaning, laundry, and photo editing :)