Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Market Trip- April 2012

Here are a few items I brought home with me from the market a this month. I love each and every item,  and I used my  best bargaining techniques to each of them :)
A red velvet diamond shaped autograph album! I snatched this baby up the second I saw it, and for only $25 I brought it home with me. I had only ever seen one of these beautifully shaped albums before, and my mom had purchased it then. When she found out how much I love them, she gifted me with hers. Best bargain ever!
A lovely, textural, old, cream colored, chippy match safe also found its way home with me. I considered this a steel at $20, and although not too rare, this wall hanging had too much charm to pass up.
I scored another autograph album that once belonged to a fellow Lizzie. Love it!
I came across a freezer sized ziplock back of beaded flowers last weekend. The entire bag cost $15. I was squealing inside as I handed over my cash, and promptly did a happy dance as I walked away :) Beaded flowers will eternally make me happy.

What fabulous things have you come across lately?


Laurie said...

Those are some VERY special items! I passed up a celluloid covered mini album (diary sized) the other day and am kicking myself. It was $25. But ephemera (like you autograph book) is something I can't pass it!