Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Labradorite beaded chain, with labradorite briolettes at the bottom. Soooo romantic!

Monday, May 11, 2009


These peices are also now going into production.

Vintage Swarovski

I stumbled across this vintage swarovski crystal chain while browsing through all of my moms antique jewelry treasures, and have been in love ever since. Its hard to find, and the piece she got comes from French flea market, which i think makes it even better!

It is truly stunning! Ive been working on earrings, and so far have completed one simple pair. Now...to sell, or not to sell... Im not sure i can part with these yet!

I forgot to mention..

Happy Mothers Day KBD! I love you truly!!!!!
ps- meet Bella! My mom's newest baby ;) This photo was taken just after she fell in the pool yesterday, and was getting warmed up. Dont worry, we were all standing right next to her when it happened, and she surprised us all and started the doggie paddle towards the stairs.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inital Sets

Initial pendant sets are now available now in my shop! Currently, all sets listed are initials with beads (customizable to match dresses), and include sets of 3, 4, 5, or 6. Pendants without beads are coming soon.

They make fabulous bridesmaids gifts :)
Monday, May 4, 2009

Daily Sale

Regularly: $76
Today: $40

Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Daily Sale!

Tuscany Cufflinks
Regularly: $88
Today only: $40


Its been a crazy week here- but that no excuse for not blogging. Sorry! Im back.

The biggest news is on a personal note, and it's that I have been offered (and accepted!) a new job! The best part- its actually in my field!!! I am SO excited to say that I will be starting work with Lotus Jewelry Studio located here in the Baltimore area. I met the owners at the Philly show in February, and we have stayed in touch since. This opportunity will be amazing, and I cant wait to start!

I also got my first wedding order for initial pendants, that i hand delivered to the bride-to-be yesterday. I always love actually getting to meet my customers- it makes the whole art/buying/handmade experience so much more personal and meaningful. (Duh!) Above is the photo of her order. I love they way all of the pendants look grouped. I see a postcard in the future. This order also means new letters are available; G and H.

Im starting to think about the upcoming philly show in august. Im determined to be ready sooner than i was in February. It will help both stress and money wise. First objective- catalog planing so i know what i need to make. Its ALL new stuff. :)

Ive been listing stuff on etsy, both old and new, so be sure to check it out. Although the 40% off sale is now over, im going to be offering a daily sale item at a mind blowing discount. Thats right- mind blowing! Check everyday to see what the piece du jour is!