Monday, March 29, 2010

Paris flea markets

As I said before, shopping the flea markets in Paris was one of my favorite things we did while on vacation. In many ways they weren't  THAT different from american flea markets, but they all had beautiful french treasures and french ambiance that you don't find back here.
There are two main flea markets that are open year round on the weekends; puces de vanves, and puces st. ouen. Puces st ouen is actually a flea market district which has seven different sections. The sections range from  old garage like storage units lining a crazy maze to indoor mall-like set ups.  Tres fun!
Puces de vanves is simply one long street with vendors on both sides who each set up under their individual tents.  Much more american in my opinion.
Trying to communicate with some vendors did get a little frustrating, but for the most part everyone was very nice and helpful. The euro to dollar conversion definitely hurt.
I made it a point not to bring my camera to the markets since I had read that they can get very busy and pickpocketing is not unheard of. I did snap a few pics of the Puces st ouen.

Ive started to unpack and find places for all of my new treasures. One of the most fun vendors we came across sold vintage ribbons and trips.  I was in heaven. Unfortunate it was one of the most crowded booths we went too, and also one of the booths where communication was a bit of a problem. It didnt stop me though, i picked up a few meters of each. Im already wishing I had sucked it up and gone back for more. Next trip maybe.... ?
Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Im back! Paris was just perfect, and we had a FABULOUS time. I tried to blog several times while we were away, but blogger wouldnt allow me to log in from France. I was always redirected to pages that were all in french, and while I do speak a little french I didnt feel comfortable trying to reset my password in a language i cant totally read- im sure you understand :)
So anyway, it was just AMAZING. The things we saw and experienced were beautiful, and so rich with history. Its hard to visit such a place and not feel very small in this huge world of beautiful things. I love travel :)
One of the highlights of the trip for me was definitely the Paris flea markers. SO MUCH FUN! It made me feel like a local french girl doing a little shopping. These markets were just amazing and I spent lots of mola. ( I'll share with you some of my purchases in the next few posts). Although communication was sometimes tough, we somehow managed and come home with lots of treasures. Im looking forward to lots of crafting and seeing how i can put all of these french things to good use :)

Since I was in Paris from my birthday this year, I didnt get to celebrate with my friends until Friday night. We all gathered at a local bowling ally for some birthday fun and drinks.  Then the next morning I took off  to Atlantic City for a good friends Bachelorette  party weekend. It was a crazy fun night, but im glad to finally be home and sitting in bed with no where to go in the near future. I feel tired to my core, but wouldnt trade it for the world- im having the time of my life :)