Friday, November 9, 2012

We're getting hitched!!!!

I am over-the-moon, crazy-in-love with the handsom ginger you see here, and as of Sunday I'm proud to say he's my fiancee!!!!

It took a few days to get over the shock of being engaged, and I've now settled into pure bliss. I wanted to share the happy news with you guys even though there hasn't been much posting lately. If you follow me on pinterest, or facebook you will definitely be seing a pick-up in wedding related itms.

We haven't started planning anything yet, and haven't discussed anything other than agreeing it will be a fall or winter wedding.

I plan on being as creative as I can with every aspect of the wedding- not only because it's less expensive, but because it brings a personal touch- which I love.  I'd like to keep you up to date on what I'm creating, and progress we're making but it wont be an overwhelming thing.  I not your traditional bride so hopefully you'll enjoy seeing and hearing about our personalized twists and won't feel like this becomes a "wedding blog".  I promise there will be no matching bridesmaids dresses, garter tosses, chicken dances, three-course meals, or tiaras here!

Hope you're all doing well :)