Sunday, January 31, 2010


I had a fabulous day with my mom in  Adamstown PA, where we were looking for treasures! And boy were we successful- I stocked up on die cuts and postcards. This valentines day card is new, and there is something i just LOVE about the post office stamp- 8 am Valentines day morning :)
Saturday, January 30, 2010

Do you Doodle?

Here's a peek at some doodles Ive done while on the phone. Do you doodle while you chat?

And After

Here are a few shots of what the studio looked like after tidy-ing it up a bit. The next step is to get rid of the green. It drives me nuts!! its just so GREEN :(
Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gift Bag

My friend Annie is marrying Steve. This is how i presented her with a little gift earlier today. Made with lots of love!
Saturday, January 23, 2010

a bomb went off...

I think im going to apply that same "it doesnt matter how you start, as long as you start" philosphy to cleaning the studio today (and prob into tonight).
NO- it doesnt ususally look like this. I replaced my BIG jewelry bench with this long skinny white bench earlier today. And in true Liz fashion, i decided to build the new table before removing the old one. Thus making it nearly impossible to move around. And then i basically took everything off my jewelry bench and stuck it on an flat, clean surface i could find while i dis-assembled my old bench. And now it looks like a bomb went off....

wish me luck!

Hi There!

Ok, so heres the thing...
Ive been really hung up on how i was going to create this big, fabulous blog post to end the break that i have been on FOREVER. I wanted it to be really great, and i wanted it to make everyone go "ohhhhh, thats what shes been up too. now i understand why she NEVER blogs anymore".  But i dont have anything that even comes close to doing that. And this morning I realized it doesnt really matter how I get started again, as long as i just START.

So thats what im doing! Starting again :) My posts might not always have a real point behind them, but there will be posts. Promise!

I still have yet to work on any sort of jewelry (outside of my 9-5), and it still feels great!!!! Ive had time to work on other projects and crafts. Im reading lots of new blogs,  checking out lots of new artists,  and finding out that i have many more interests then i ever knew.

Ive currently been obsessing over some food blogs I stumbled across. On top of being entertaining they have also been inspiring. Ive actually caught myself thinking "what do they eat on ______ for breakfast" while at the grocery store.  These are my two favorites. Eat, Live, Run and Carrots and Cake. If you have a few min to kill stop by and check them out!