Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New! New! New!

Hey, Diane, Dana, Danielle, Destiny, and Dave :). This ones for you. My latest initial is D. It can be purchased with beads, or without. Your choice!
And here are the earrings i finished up last night. They could quite possibly be the hardest thing ive ever tried to photograph. EVER. Im still not happy with the shots i got, but i couldn't wait to share them. They look really lovely hanging as well. These will be part of the ornamental line with includes the pieces from the previous posts. All designs are based on historical images.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Remember these, from last year?? you'r about to start seeing them again.... :)

Something Blue

I just listed my latest inital pendants in the shop. Im thinking of running a sale for brides-to-be, so that they can gift all of their lovely bridesmaids their own inital pendants, as well as get one for themselves to wear on their big day. Obvoiusly, the beads and colors can be customized to match the colors of the wedding. Or the brides inital pendant can use blue beads to be her "something blue". What do you think?
Friday, April 17, 2009


If you ever read my listing on etsy, you'll see that there are several times i use the phrase "semi-precious light green stone"(or blue, or purple, whatever). And its not because im trying to be sneaky, or not tell you the name of the stone, its simply because i have NO IDEA what the stone is. I go to huge gem shows to pick out my stones, and then come home with no clue what they are. Some are obvious, others not so much. So in an effort to remedy that, when i got to my next show in a few weeks i plan on asking what each and every stone i buy is called, and make a point to write it down. And for those stones in my stash that remain a mystery, i just ordered the book shown here. Cant wait to get it in the mail!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New work

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

works in progress

These pieces still need to be polished and cleaned up a bit, but they will be ready soon.
The new letters are R and T.
Monday, April 13, 2009

cut and paste!

To me, things like this are pointless, over analyzed, and SO MUCH FUN!! Care too copy, past and post? :)

Yourself: scattered
Your partner: my compliment
Your hair: Shorter than Id like
Your Mother: soul mate
Your Father: strong
Your Favorite Item: beads
Your dream last night: travel
Your Favorite Drink: mojitos
Your Dream Car: Volvo SUV
Your Dream Home: comfortable
The Room You Are In: living room at work
Your fear: loneliness
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? northwest coast
Who you hung out with last night: Casey
What You're Not: patient, and a good speller
Muffins: banana nut
One of Your Wish List Items: new jeans
The Last Thing You Did: took a walk with a baby
What You Are Wearing: jeans/sweater- comfy
Your favorite weather: warm days, cool nights
Your Favorite Book: twilight
Last thing you ate: breakfast
Your Life: slowly getting to be what id like it to be
Your mood: excited
Your Best Friend: all of my friends are the best
What are you thinking about right now: new jewelry/weddings
Your car: needs a wash
What are you doing at the moment: Blogging
Your summer: exciting changes
Relationship status: in love
What is on your tv: Nothing
What is the weather like: a little cool for me
When is the last time you laughed: Today
Friday, April 10, 2009

Shop locally

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To Jess-

oh you know... just skipping down Carrie Bradshaw's street. Why not!?

Congratulations on your engagement!! I couldn't be more happy for you! Your a great friend, and we've had lots of adventures together. Im looking forward to helping you get ready for, and celebrate your next big adventure! xoxo

Here we go again..

I cant believe im about to type these words again....

Liz Mathews Jewelry Design will be showing at the August Buyers Market in Philly.

After discovering that I had indeed signed a 2-show contract with the buyers market, it took a few days for my bitterness (im not gonna sugar coat it) to wear off. While I am still scared to invest so much money into this show again, I have decided that IT WILL BE great exposure, a great opportunity to meet more artists, and the perfect time to debut all my new work. (right?!?!?!?!)

This time I am happy to be partnering up (for local purposes only) with The Foundling. I love, love, love Betsy's work, and look forward to having such a cool neighbor!

Over the past few days I have been reflecting on my first market experience, and already have a list of things I'd like to do differently. I think it will all help. Marketing, booth layout, promotions, displays... so much to consider.

One of the biggest obstacles i still face is deciding where I want to stay in Philly. Id LOVE to not have to pay for a hotel again, as this was the biggest expense from the show last time, aside from the booth fee. Do I get a hotel outside the city, commute from York, PA (my parents house) every morning, hop on the Amtrak? Any suggestions...?

Other things on my mind- branding my business. Is Liz Mathews the right name for a jewelry company? I wish i had come up with a catchy business name. Is it too late? In all honesty, the business is still SMALL. Now is better than later to switch, but do i really want too? And if so, what is the new name. Is it better to represent myself as a company rather than a one person studio jeweler? Looking at my end goal, I dont think marketing myself as a small, independent artist is the way to go. Will people still be able to find me, or remember me. Is it starting over from scratch?? How do you just switch names? These are just some of the the thoughts in my head. What do you think?

Name suggestions?
Friday, April 3, 2009

Latest work

These are the pieces I worked on last night. Love the idea, not happy with the execution yet. I have some fine details to work out, but nothing I cant handle! Look for them soon! Any other motifs you may like to see??

Also coming this weekend (i hope), a new twist on the lucite work i was doing. There will be images, patterns and colors. But no lucite! Are you on the edge of your seat?!?!