Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vintage: A Contest!

Please enter my contest--
In an effort to build a more beautiful blog- one that you look forward to visiting each and every single day, I need your opinion. Please leave a comment letting me know two things; first, what are your most favorite blogs, and secondly, what are some of the features you've most enjoyed on other blogs? 

In one week- April 6th, I will choose (at random) one of the comments left on this post, and send that lucky winner all of the products features in the photo above- and maybe a little surprise too :) A jumbo safety pin perfect for any collage-er, a postcard direct from the Paris markets, a metal number tag, and a strip of vintage tickets.
I appreciate all your help, and time!
Here is a view of the back side of the French post card the winner will receive. Isn't it lovely! 
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love: Birthdays!

I spent the weekend celebrating my 28th birthday with lots of good friends, family and food! I can only hope that my 28th year is half as wonderful as my 27th!

In honor of my  new year, I thought I'd offer up free shipping on all items in my vintage shop. Use the coupon code HELLO28, and I'll be happy to cover the shipping charges on all domestic purchases. Treat yourself to something fun :)
(When checking out through etsy, you will be prompted to enter the code, which will deduct the shipping charges before your final payment is submitted)
Saturday, March 19, 2011

Create: Two sided heart

Not long ago I scooped up this sweet little robins egg blue ceramic heart because it was simply too cute to pass up. I had intentions of hanging it on the wall or bookshelf, but hadn't quite gotten around to it. 
Then this morning I glimpsed at it and realized it needed "something". My first thoughts were die cuts and lace, although I couldn't find just the right pieces, and didn't quite know how to incorporate them. 

After rooting through my drawers and tins, I found several pieces that would work perfectly, although they didn't really mesh together. It was then that I realized I didn't have to make them work together, and that I could decorate both sides entirely independently of each other. Yay!

 The first side I completed has a vintage victorian calling card pieces on the front. I removed the super-cute envelope from the card stock backing and affixed it to a thin piece of wood for stability. After painting the sides of the wood and back with a gold paint pen, I used glue to affix vintage tinsel trim to the entire border. I just LOVE tinsel trim :) And lastly, I affixed the wood to the first side of my heart. 

As you can see, the envelope still has a beautifully calligraphied name inside.  
 The reverse side features a scalloped edge rosette that has been made using beautifully matched scrapbook paper.

A small brass number tag was placed in the middle of the rosette, and tinsel surrounds it to add a little pizzaz!

As a finishing and unifying step I connected both the front and the back with horizontally placed tinsel, and paired that with a new hanging string.

Now I know this little guy will definitely be hanging in our new place!
Friday, March 18, 2011

Create: Collage Box- FINISHED!

 Here is the finished product! The glue finished setting last night, and although I wish I could sit this on a shelf in the house, the only place this project is going is into a moving box! I look forward to finding the perfect place for this collage in the new house :)

Take a closer look at some of my favorite parts of this collage.
Velvet flowers from France. 
This sequined butterfly was originally part of a necklace mom had created that appeared on Good Morning America!
Original victorian scrap. I love vintage paper and ephemera!
An original collage is shown off behind a beautiful chandelier crystal I found at the flea market in Paris.
This is my favorite compartment! It houses a lovely weathered metal flower and an old tag.
Black french cut glass flowers.  So charming!
These small vials were found with miniature parts still in them!
Vintage Ivory chips with hand carved and painted letters. I chose "P" because when translated with french butterfly becomes Papillion.  The butterflies themselves are original pieces of victorian scrap. 
Lovely and delicate french lace adds texture to the background of this block.

I hope I've inspired to you to get to work on our own collage box. It really was a fun project to do, and it's a great excuse to get out all of your treasures and study them. Please do send pictures if you decided to take this project on :)
Thursday, March 17, 2011

Create: Collage Box

A work in progress!! I hope I can inspire some of you to do your own variation of this project along with me :)

1. Start with a beautifully handcrafted wooden printers block box. 

2.  Carefully paste sheets of paper that have been aged to perfection in back of each section. I've used paper from a french novel, ledger book sheets and Parisian music pages.

3.  Spend hours rearranging and searching for fabulous vintage treasures to fill up your printers box. Be warned- this can take far more time than you may expect.  And remember- not every compartment has to have a "found object" inside.  Perhaps some of the contents are little works of art you make as well!!

4. Nonchalantly place items in each slot until they are almost all full. Then take some time to rearrange the items you have selected. Take note of where bursts of color appear and be sure to space them out in a pleasing way. Make sure you're varying the dimensions of items you place side by side. (2-D/3-D specifically).

5. Slowly start to tweak and perfect each little slot, as well as affix your items with adhesives and glue. 

6.  Check back soon to see my finished results!

Happy St. Patricks Day

Wishing you all a fun-filled St. Patty's Day!
Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vintage: Kathy Barrick's Studio

I poped home for a quick visit with my mom today, and couldn't resist taking photos of her studio. It's filled to the brim with them most fabulous vintage goodies. EVERYWHERE you look you see wonderful, antique, unique treasures.  See what I mean...
Antique mannequins with beautiful jewelry adorning each one. 


More beautiful jewelry.

Be sure to stop by Kathy's website to see more of her sentimental French jewelry. You won't be disappointed!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Collect: Goodies

It's official. We have and actual moving date- April 23rd! Suddenly the "end of April" feels so much sooner that it did a week ago. I'm starting to give stuff away, donate what we don't need, toss the old and used, and get organized in general.
All of that stuff is pretty easy to do until it comes to my studio. Im moving into a room that is nearly half the size of my current studio and that calls for some serious prioritizing. sigh. There are so many things that I collected and bought YEARS ago, and never touched. But how do you get rid of craft and art supplies. It feels SO wrong. I think the answer is going to be serious organization and storage. You know, making the very most of ALL my space. Any advice?

I tried to start going through some things tonight, but got distracted with peeking at all the treasures in my favorite set of studio drawers.  I am notorious for getting distracted while cleaning by the way, which is going to make for a  long process I'm afraid.

Above you can see my vintage type blocks, tins, collage, japanese lanterns from the sweetest shop in Ireland, french rhinestones, ribbon and advertising sheets.

Take a peek inside  a few drawers :)
Lots of french millenary, and vintage ribbons.

Buttons, beads, tin-types and tinsel.

If one seed pack is good, then 50 is GREAT! Don't you agree...

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!