Thursday, September 30, 2010

Create: Craft Box

While photographing my Paris journal I re-read all of my entries.  This is a snip-it of the very last entry in the book. I've been having brief moments of panic over the last few days when I realize that I will be in Ireland all alone.  After seeing these few sentences I suddenly felt better and calm. I don't know why they put me at such ease, but they did the trick.

Here is what my travel craft box holds. Ribbon, glue, rub-ons, scissors, stickers....  Mom is coming into town tonight for a visit, and Im hoping we can pick up a few new colored pens, water colors and water color paper. Pastel-y and soft. Thats the direction I see this journal going in.

 You know how I love photographing the moon! Here is one of my most recent shots. Its been very rainy her in B-more lately, so I was happy to snap this photo at my parents house in PA a few days ago. I cant wait to get some moon shots from Ireland!

P.S.  I hate packing.
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Create: Travel Journal

As promised ages ago, here are some shots of my Paris travel journal. I've finally added some photos I got developed after the trip, and I still intend on going back and embellishing some of the pages.
 I used on old blank ledger book I found at an antique shop as my journal. It was in perfect condition, and still had strong binding, so I thought it would be perfect to handle all of the things I add to my journals. And, I knew it would withstand the test of time. I cant wait to read over my journal over the years!
Some photos I added when we returned. As well as a piece of an old french document I found at the flea markets. It was already in poor condition, and I thought it would be perfect in my journal since it was my favorite find from the markets!

A map of Versaille, as well as our ticket stubs. (I love ticket stubs!)

This is my most favorite page! I found this great pigeon feather while walking in front of the Tour Eiffel on day. I knew I couldn't leave it on the ground to be trampled! The rub-ons around the feather were found in a Paris scrapbook store earlier that same day.

A journal page from my birhtday. Joyeux Anniversaire = Happy birthday.

Flower pressings from the birthday flowers mom gave me :)

All the tabs that mark the different days of our trip and journaling. I made the tabs using pieces of ephemera I collected while on the trip. Tickets, ribbon, business cards, and product packaging all make great tabs! And the search for great tab "pieces" throughout the day was fun too!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Travel: Packing

The days are really flying by now! In four short days I'll be on a plane bound for Ireland.  All alone (gulp)!

The truth is I've had my suitcase out in the corner of my room for about a month now.  As soon as I confirmed the trip I started adding little things I wanted to bring along as I stumbled across them. And at one point my suitcase did indeed look like the Leaning Tower if Piza- sweaters dont condense well, and I do love a good sweater. Especially in Ireland :)
But I finally came to my senses an realized I was going just a bit overboard. I spent last night re-grouping and doing some mix-and-matching of outfits. Im now proud to report that my two stacks of cloths (tops and bottoms) are down to about 4 items each.  I know thats all I'd end up wearing anyway, so I feel good about making the decision now!
Two things have me totally stumped though; shoes and purse. REALLY stumped. Particularly with the bag. It needs to be big enough to hold my camera in its bag, a guidebook and my wallet at all times. Thats a big bag! Take a peek at my ideal solution:
Swoon! This bag is TDF! I found it at Anthropologie last night, and somehow walked away from it. Now Im regretting it. Im really pleased that I havent purchased any new clothing or shoes for the trip, but I think I could be just as happy sporting this baby around Dublin. We'll see, but Im sure I can make do with something I already own.  And if I feel I'm having a weak moment, I'll just remind myself of the price tag.

On the agenda for tonight- compiling my craft box and journaling supplies.  When we were in Paris I spent each night journaling and collaging pieces of ephemera from the day and I plan to do the same on this trip. It's the perfect way to wind down at night, reflect on the day, and make sure you remember all the little details for years to come.

I also plan on adding a few new things to the shop before I leave, so be sure to visit often.
Hope you'r having a great day!
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage: English Documents

Amazing old english documents can now be found in the shop. AMAZING!
Thursday, September 16, 2010

Create: Butterfly Collage

Last night, I spent some time working on a collage. I feel like I have a good foundation, but im ready to add some pazazz! I'll keep you posted. One things for sure- it felt great to be creative!

And of course I had a photo shoot with the moon again. He's so great at his poses :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Travel: Ireland

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. We made it through Monday!!!
I spent last night booking my last hotel for Ireland. Now all the arrangements I needed to make before I leave have been made, and I can sit back and wait in anticipation for October 1st. 

I decided to splurge on the hotel for my last two night, and went with the Westin Dublin. A little treat to myself :) How beautiful is that facade?!

I took a break from trip planing to take a little walk with my camera and snap some photos of the moon. The first is from my studio window at dusk, and the second is on the walk.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vintage: Fans

Today after visiting the sunflower fields, I stumbled into a new antique store.  Literally, I looked across the street, and there it was! Dont you love when things like that happen!!

Among other fabulous treasures,  I found an old collection of fans. I couldn't resist picking a few out- I think they are so beautiful!

Three can now be found in my vintage shop :)

Love: Sunflower fields

Hope your all having a beautiful weekend!
Monday, September 6, 2010

Create: Drawer labels

I spent the evening making drawer labels for my studio. They were so much fun, and way more attractive then the print out labels you get from a label maker :)

One more set of drawers to go...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Travel: Washington DC, National Gallery of Art

Today I traveled to Washington D.C. to spend the day at the museums. I had been wanting to make the solo trip for over a year, and finally created time in my busy schedule to go. Plus, I figured it would be good practice for Ireland...

Although the day got off to a rocky start regarding the metro and public transportation, I decided not to let it ruin my day, (although I was this close to turning my car around and heading home) and now I'm so glad I stuck it out! The day was beautiful and clear, I got to relax, and take advantage of living within an hour of our nations capital.
One of the museums I spent lot of time in was the National Gallery of Art. Surprisingly I found myself most enjoying the Dutch painting, primarily the still-life's (still-lives?). For as long as I can remember I have been an impressionist girl, but things are a-changing! No matter the style of painting, the National Gallery houses a beautiful collection of art.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


While playing online this weekend you simply MUST stop by moms new website-

It is simply stunning! A friend of mine, Chelsea, designed it for her and did a fabulous job. Mom has been debuting all of her latest pieces over the last few days, and they are TDF = to die for!!! She is so talented, and finds the best treasures. Congratulations kbd, it looks amazing!

Vintage: Baltimore Antiques Show

Kathy and I off to the Baltimore Antique show today. Im hoping to find lots of treasures for all you crafters out there, and maybe some home decor goodies. Particularly wood type blocks and signage both large and small.

And, did you realize there are less than four months until Christmas. WOAH!
Friday, September 3, 2010

Collect: Quotes

I have a deep love for quotes, especially the poignant ones that seem to pop up at just the right time, and apply to your life perfectly.  You'll find my favorite quotes scribbled on my blackboards, scraps of paper, magnets, cards, and notebooks. I thought I'd share them with you as I stumble upon new ones. Surely I'm not the only quote lover out there :) 

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; live the life you 've imagined...

Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.   -Ehrmann

Only one more day in the week! Hope your all looking forward to a long weekend like I am. Be sure to check back for an Ireland update. Less than a month until I leave!

You learn something new everyday. Im guilty of using words without knowing the official definition. Luckily, I think I was pretty accurate with this world.  Do you do that too??


  [poin-yuhnt, poi-nuhnt]  –adjective
keenly distressing to the feelings: poignant regret.
keen or strong in mental appeal: a subject of poignantinterest.
affecting or moving the emotions: a poignant scene.
pungent to the smell: poignant cooking odors.