Thursday, August 30, 2007


My fairly new (8 months old) computer has just crashed on me. I cant even begin to tell you how frustrated i am. Literally, it doesnt even turn on. And the last time it did, the screen was total static, just like a tv station that doesnt come in. I really dont think computers are supposed to do that! So now I have to ship it back to HP so they can repair it in "7-9 business day". And by repair, i do mean factory restoring it, or giving me a new one. I can think of a few choice 4-letter words to insert here. I am loosing EVERYTHING!!! My songs, website files, favorite links... you name it. The ONLY good thing I will say is that i was able to back up all my photos. And that is what would truly break my just sentimental like that! So anyway...this ranting post does actually make me feel better, so thanks for listening.

One more day of work then a long weekend that i am REALLY looking forward too! The Kenny Chesney concert was AMAZING, and Im going ot the John Michael Montgomery concert tomorrow at the Maryland State Fair. geeze, im so country! My cousins wedding is the weekend, so lots of family is in town, and im sure that is how i will spend most of my weekend. I do hope to get some work done, and I will keep you posted!
Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blue Ornamental Necklace

Here is my latest necklace! I know the details are hard to see, so Im adding some more detailed pictures as well. I can honestly say that this piece doesn't feel like "me", but I really love it. Maybe that's a good thing... working outside my comfort zone etc. Im working on a butter yellow colored one next, because according to InStyle, yellow is all the rage this summer. Woops, summer is pretty much over...
I had the settings cast, and its pre-fab chain. A little differnt than what Im used to doing, but I can make a lot more in less time...thats a plus! Each image is hand drawn and colored as always, and each one is differnt.

Ive had the last two days off, and i have been painting my bedroom, and cleaning my apt. I plan on staying up late tonight working, and im really excited! Im hoping to bust a few more things out, and I'll keep you posted!

P.S. Kenny Chesney concert tomorrow... CANT WAIT!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Discoveries and frustrations...

I have made 2 nice discoveries today:
1. I have wireless Internet at work. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. The DC Craft Mofia's website.

Thanks to a comment from Megan Auman on another blog I was reading, I linked to the DC Craft mofia website. I found there online forum to be very interesting, as well as informative. They are discussing etsy, local shows and good reads among other things. I also discovered that like the Charm City Craft Mofia, they do seasonal sales. I missed the boat on their holiday sale this year, but ive made note of it for next year. Their blog and forum is definitely worth checking out!
My reason for being frustrated? Why do i ALWAYS stumble onto great show opportunities literally 1 week past the application deadline. ALWAYS!!!!!!

Another website for you to check out: Anne Brown from the Goode Huswife. She and my mom are friends, and have started a new company together to sell there work. They are currently in the process of having a new website made. Im loving all the witches Anne has been doing, and cant wait to see what they come up with next!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rock My World

Question: Best music to get pumped in the studio or just in general? I always like to hear what works for other people, and I may discover some new tunes at the same time. Reply as a comment for everyone to see!

My list:
The Way I Are- Timbaland and Keri Hilson
Somebody Told Me- The Killers
Smooth Criminal- Michael Jackson
Slave- Britney Spears (yes, i am embarassed)
SexyBack- Justin (not embarssed at all)
Kelly Clarkson- Miss Independent
Naive- The Kooks
Clothes Off- Gym Class Hero's
The Saints are Coming- U2 with Green Day

Just waiting for the new Matchbox 20 to come out...its gonna be good!!
Song I NEVER want to hear again: Hey there Delilah

This is a hand-cut paper image of a clef music note that i found on ArabesqueArtsbyDarcy's etsy shop. Very cool! What patients she must have!
Monday, August 20, 2007

Fall Ring

Given a choice, nine times out of ten i will choose the cool blue/green colors opposed to the warm yellows and reds. Lately though, i have been really drawn to these colors. Maybe Im subliminally attracted to them because they remind me of fall, my favorite season that i am impatiently waiting for. Who knows... I just know that i am loving my new ring. I wish the photo showed the depth of the ring, it really doesn't do the ring justice. Its the same silver setting as the black and white ring, just with another design set into it. The silver in this ring is also oxidized to compliment the black lines in the drawing. This photo just reminds me that its time to call the professionals in for photography. I think that is at the top of my priority list for tomorrow.

And in unrelated news, I had a dream last night that 523 had marked me as a favorite shop on etsy. I was ecstatic. Not sure if its a bad sign im dreaming about that, but today i made it to 16! Gotta start somewhere...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Sunday

Today was the last day of the first international gem and jewelry show fall 2007 season. So that meant i drove down to Chantilly VA with my mom to buy some totally unnecessary beads and stones. I have SO many of both already that I have yet to do anything with, but how can you resist buying more...! Tables upon tables of bead strands laid out to cover the Chantilly Expo center, as well as precious stones in every shape and color you can imagine. I did maintain some self control, but I can promise you some good things are in the works. I was also happy to pick up several feet of sterling more jump ring soldering...hallelujah.

I highly recommend visiting one of these shows when they come to your area (they travel all over the US). It is impossible not to find something to spark your creativity!! My only warning is; be prepared to be overwhelmed by pushy people, and a few pushy vendors.

Since we were in the VA/DC area, my mom and I also headed over to PaperSource in Georgetown. Georgetown is such an awesome shopping area with tons of stores i like to browse in, although the highlight is always stopping in Papersource. Its a two floor store with stationary, albums, gift wrap, books, and tons of other fun things. I picked up three of these super cute little suitcases ideal for sending my work to stores.
Saturday, August 18, 2007

Black and White Ring

Its been one busy, stressful, tiring week for me. Although I have to work today, and my weekend is cut short I was able to clean my apartment last night, (clean enough for me anyway...) and work in the studio this morning. I was feeling much better after a few hours of studio work, and was happy to complete this ring...
It is now available on my etsy store.

Im off to my real job for the evening, then a late dinner with one of my very talented best friends, Eliza. Check out her new blog right here!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Looking for a job?

I got an email last week, and thought it may be helpful to fellow metalsmiths out there...

The Society of American Silversmiths is launching a website to help connect employers in the metalsmithing field to qualified candidates, and vice versa. The website will actually have content starting Sept. 1, but it looks, and sounds like it has potential to be very helpful!
Looks like there may be a registration fee attached, but it may be worth it to find a job...
Here is the link!
Tuesday, August 14, 2007

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Just finished these tonight! And I just got 30 more settings back in the mail yesterday!! Good things to come!

Good Day!

I've been a little MIA lately, but there is nothing like the two flattering shout-out's I've gotten today to get me back into the swing of things.
First, I discovered that Annie from Imogene tagged me as a fellow "Rockin Girl Blogger". Yay! Such a nice compliment. Little does she know I check her blog religiously, and think she rocks way more than me! Now, its my turn to tag 5 more girl bloggers who I think rock. I need some time, but hopefully I wont disappoint!

Then...I got a comment from another friend of mine, Juliette from The Broken Plate, who just discovered my blog and etsy site! She made the nicest post about my sites, and I couldn't be happier! We graduated together almost two years ago, and she has really got her stuff together. She is a major role model of mine!

Thank you guys so much!

Vacation was good, but I'm trying to get back in the groove. Ive been doing some commissions and finally had time to work on my stuff again. Here is the latest:

These will be available shortly in a variety of patterns and colors. As always, sorry for the poor photography!

And from the above earrings, I got this design. And from my excitement over these earrings, I've already lost one when I was out the other night! Of course! I am sooo mad and have looked everywhere. I can see lots of other variations coming from these. That's the best feeling for a designer!