Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Thats right...8 days until i am officially self employed. Yikes!
I spent last night researching shows to apply for, and now im just keeping my fingers crossed!

While i had fun at the buyers market with all of my old friends (and a few new ones), I was not entirely impressed with all the work i saw. Unfortunatly, i saw more than a few booths that seemed to have manufactured-ish peices. I think there is a large difference between production work, and manufactured work. With the reputation that the buyers market carries, i would have thought there may have been some higher standards. I left a little dispointed, and a little concerned with the direction the field is going in. We shall see...

Through the silver-plating, and epoxy haze i did find quite a few artists I am dying to look into:
I fell in love with the work by Catherine Weitzman. All of it was to die for, and her booth was PACKED with work! Cassavoy& Co has amazing floral work, and im sure no one would be suprised i loved it. Aside from the jewelry i also found the amazing frames of Sugarboo. These frames made me excited to move into my house! I'll leave you with one more of my favorites; Kathy Frey...amazing. I'll share more with you later!

ACC baltimore is going on all week, and i will be attending on friday! Cant wait to find more treasures!
Friday, February 16, 2007


I've just got to tell you how much I love everything that has to do with jewelry design. I have been spending the last few days doing the paperwork aspect of LMJD (Liz Mathews Jewelry Design). Even though paperwork can be boring, I just couldn't be happier!!! Today I also got to spend some time in the studio working one some prototypes for additions to my India line. I think im on to something.... And im happy to announce that I am beginning to work in gold. YAY!

This weekend there is a large buyers market in Philly that I will be going too to on sunday. Im hoping to be in this show in a few years, so im excited to go see all the work, as well as details like booth set-up, promotional material, and fun things like that. I'll be going with some old classmates, and Im looking forward to seeing them, and enjoying a little bit of philly!

Latest addiction: The Dixie Chicks new cd! Amazing! I cant wait until i know all the words so i can sing along in the car. Its one of my fav past-times! Def check it out!

I'm usually not a fan of things like this (and i don't know why), but i have really grown to love work by Sally Jean. There is something so charming, and appealing about the work she makes! I feel like you cant own just one of her pieces, it HAS to be a collection. I feel that way about a lot of things though... oh well... Sally Jean wrote a book out about how to make your own, and while i haven't ventured down that path yet, my mom has, and i have been informed its much hard than it looks. I'll stick with buying them!

My apologies in advance. Im trying to make an interesting blog, so Im following the lead of some of my other favorite blogs. Once i get the hang of things, i promise to be more original!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

By First Post!

I finally have a blog! I know I'm a little behind the times, but better late than never right...
I made a huge decision over the last few days. And while I am terrified, I'm also so happy to announce that I will be working on my jewelry line full time starting March 1st. I am going to be registering for substitute teaching in baltimore county a few days a week just to have some money coming in, but i thought it was time to be brave and take the leap. wish me luck!! I am so excited!!