Friday, October 30, 2015

Moss Covered Pumpkins

On this Halloween Eve I wanted to share another fall themed project I posted to my YouTube channel last week: Moss Covered Pumpkins.

I've absolutely loved having these nature-y beauties around the house this autumn, and as someone who doesn't usually go for traditional "halloween" decor this project filled in a gap between summer and winter themed decor.

Again, this project is suitable for beginning crafter and uses minimal supplies. Most likely you'll have to make a trip to Michaels for the moss, and be sure to use a coupon :)

Happy Halloween and happy making!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

3 DIY Fall Decor Projects

I'm baaaaack!! And I have not one, not two, but three (nearly) free Fall home decor projects for you! Click here for the direct link to my latest video.

I am thrilled to share these projects with you and happy to report that as long as you've got basic craft supplies on hand- glue gun, string, paper, tape, and access to fall foliage- these projects won't cost you a thing!

Not only are they free- but they pack a huge punch and will be great to keep up from the beginning of the autumn season right through to winter!

All of the projects included in this video are suitable for beginning crafters and everyone should feel confident tackling any one of them. I know you can do it!

And when you do, please come back and share your success stories and photos with me. I'd love to see them and hear about your crafting adventure :)

Here are some shots of the projects covered in the video:

These pressed leaf pages are my favorite project included in this video! I love how they look hung in a grid above my mantle and the pop of color adds lots of interest to the room. You'll be shocked at how easy they are to make. 

Continuing to bring nature into our house, I've also created this charming acorn garland.  Again, this is an easy DIY project and I find the tiny details of the acorns to be so sweet!
Happy crafting!