Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wont be blogging tomorrow since im going to be so busy updating my shop, blog etc. Are you excited to see all of the new stuff?!?!
I just wanted to take minute to say how thankful I am for my wonderful family, and wonderful friends. Its been a strange year, with lots of ups, downs, and confusions, and I dont know what Id do without any of you. You all have the best, most kind hearts, and always know how to make this girl feel special, happy, and loved.
I love you all. xoxo
Sunday, November 22, 2009

Je taime Paris

Here it is: our tentative itinerary for the Paris trip!!! (Yes, i am a planer to the core!) Ive tried to think of everything we HAVE to see and do while were there. Since my mom has never been to the city of lights, we will be doing all the quintessential Paris things, but we also hope to have time to do some less tourist-y things too.

So... do you have any suggestions??? Have you been/eaten/seen/toured/shopped somewhere we absolutely must go? We'd love to have some insider feedback.

Also, were hoping to head out of the city one day to explore a little bit of France and hopefully see some country side and OLD towns. Right now were looking into Chartres, and Provins. If you have suggestions for day trips, we'd also love to hear those.
Thanks :)


Im so excited to be spending the entire day- uninterrupted, in the studio. I hope to make lots of progress on the MANY projects i have floating around in my head. And with this Black Friday deadline ive set for myself, im feeling the pressure! But since Ive always been the kind of person to work well under pressure, this is a very good thing.
Over the weekend I went to the York Folk Art and Antique show. Surprisingly I spent more time shopping on the antiques side of the show than the craft side. I found lots of fun treasures to create and decorate with. I was on the fence about this little First Speller book i'd found in one booth. The first page which is dated 1878 also has then name of the little girl who worked from the book- Lizzie. I thought it was a cute coincidence, but not cute enough to make me shell out $15. Then I started flipping though tht pages and this is what I found :

9 beautifully pressed and preserved four-leafed clovers!!! And now the book is mine :)
Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get Ready

Get ready guys, Everything is going to change on Friday November 27th (black friday)!

You'll find out what ive been up too these past couple months. See some major blog changes- like actual regular postings!! Have the opportunity to buy the rest of my jewelry at amazing prices- new stuff too!! And see all new work in my shop, and im hoping to knock your socks off :)

I have lots to do between now and then, so wish me luck!
Sunday, November 1, 2009


Ive been talking about it forever, and its finally happening!! Im headed back to the most fabulous place Ive ever seen- PARIS!

My mom and I have booked an eleven day trip in March, which happens to overlap my 27th birthday. I am beyond excited!! Ive been daydreaming everyday, and having the occasional real dream about Paris since we booked the tickets. I am one truly lucky girl!!

New journal

Ive already picked up MY most important travel necessity. A journal. I never go somewhere new without one. I try to write a little something every night about the days activities, and glue in receipts, flowers, etc that Ive collected. Its amazing how many things I would forget if I hadn't written them in my journal. They have become one of my most valued possessions, and I cant wait to fill this one up!



England (below)


Be sure to stop by my etsy shop to take advantage of some AMAZING sales on jewelry. Seriously, AMAZING :)

Im going to be saying goodbye to the production jewelry feield, and all of the stress that comes along wtih it. Wish I could say I was sad, but im really just excited about all the other crafts ive been doing lately. Its been so much fun!