Thursday, May 29, 2008


When I had just started blogging, i posted about my moms new venture into jewelry making. But i must say, she has evolved quite a bit since i last wrote about her, and it has been very exciting to watch!!
As i mentioned before, my mom- Kathy Barrick and her friend Anne Brown created and run Fragments. Each of them also have their own successful needlework design business in addition to their joint operation. Their latest pieces include vintage elements and beads, as well as a variety of focal points.
You can tell by looking at their work how much consideration and love went into each piece. Every aspect has been carefully considered, and each peice is truly unique. You can view their jewelry on the Carriage House Samplings website, or through the Goode Huswife website.
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Production work and booth designs....

Seems like everyone is hard at work these days! Every blog I read mentions something about preparing for upcoming summer shows, or other big events. And I am right there with them!!!

I must admit- I started out a little disappointed that I was only accepted into two shows this season. But right about now Im not sure how i would have managed if I had gotten into all 6 that i applied for. Funny how that works....

This is the current view of my bench- as you can see I am in production mode.

And what is the point of having good production work if you dont have a well thought out booth??!! I am actually very excited about my new booth design, and will be doing a trial run soon. Since both of the shows I am doing are outdoors- weather has to be a consideration in my design.

Three more things i wanted to share with you:

This weekend is the ArtStar Bazaar in Philly. If you need a fun event to go too- I recommend this one! Many friends will be there; Annie, Eliza, Juliet, and Beth. Good luck Girls!

Second, I discovered the store Bijoux in GreenSpring Station last week. Its awesome! On top of having some of the nicest owners in the word, they had a WONDERFUL selection of jewelry. Contemporary, traditional, antique, modern, name it! I couldnt resist trying on the center ring in this image. Oh My Gosh..... so gorgeous!! Lemon citrine center stone surrounded by diamonds! A girl can dream cant she...

And lastly, the vendor list for crafty bastards is up- be sure to check it out!
Monday, May 19, 2008

I posted a handful of new things on my shop tonight!

One of my goals after my little business analysis was to start making work at a lower price point in order to reach a wider audience. After struggling with how i could make that goal a reality, I think i finally came up with the solution! So keep an eye out for new stuff being added often, and let me know what you think of my new twist!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trying something New!

Im happy to announce that there will be some new additions and changes at Liz Mathews Jewelry Design. I am now offering several new styles of work that I am VERY excited about, and branching out a little more. This is just a peek...


I found this postcard on PostSecret this morning. I wish I could sent it to everyone!
Happy Sunday!
Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day KBD! I love you truly truly truly truly!

And happy mothers day to all of you moms out there! I hope you all get to kick back and relax a little bit today!
Monday, May 5, 2008

Check this out!

While on our weekend getaway, we journeyed down to Carroll Creek in Frederick. Its basically this man made creek that goes through downtown, historic Frederick, and was part of the big frederick rejuvenation plan. It worked, to say the least. You can now find shops, restaurants, art centers, lofts and so much more along Carroll Creek. Part of the creek project included a community bridge project in which artist William Cochran came in and turned a cement bridge into a beautiful stone bridge using tromp l'oeil.

On one side of the bridge you find this painting. This is the straight on view, which also shows what an amazing job the artist did of making a "stone" bridge.

But this is what you see if you view the painting standing almost directly against the bridge. Cool Huh?!?! Ideally, the girl is meant to be seen from one of the upper levels of the brick building beside the bridge. But this works too....

New Apartment

studio its not really a NEW apartment anymore. We have been there almost a month now, but it takes a while to get really settled in to a new home. And we have had a crazy, busy month too, so time has flown by. Here are a two pictures of our new home!! (can you tell i like green?)

Dinning Room

We spent the weekend in Frederick Maryland since Casey was running a marathon, and we could stay at my step-moms house. It was a gorgeous weekend to run a marathon (or in my case- cheer on a marathon runner), and it was a great opportunity to enjoy the city. We walked around, chatted, cheered, ate wonderful food, and enjoyed the city and country! Now that we are home, its time to really get working on show prep! There is just so much to do...

CONGRATULATIONS CASEY! You did an awesome job! 26.2 miles in 4:05:48!! xoxo

Seriously...I dont know how he did it!!!!