Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday! Can you believe i slept until 11am this morning. 11AM!! I was totally shocked when i rolled over and saw 10:58 on my phone. Immediately the guilt set in as i realized I had lost valuable weekend hours by sleeping. I hate when i do that!

Anyway, im getting the morning/day/afternoon started with a cup of tea out of my new favorite mug. They are perfect pour moi! Je t'aime Paris is right! Less than two weeks til our big trip :)

And since my birthday is in March, I received this card in the mail yesterday. From one of my best friends- Anthropology :)  The candle on the front of the card is actually a necklace. Although I'll never wear a birthday candle around my neck, I will enjoy the 15% off coupon that comes along with it. I may even enjoy it today...we'll see!
Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ledger Love

I love ledger books.  There is just something about the oddly long shape, old and yellowed lined pages, and beautifully penned entries.  They always make me so curious about who used them, and what their lifestyle may have been like. I wish we still used something as cool as ledger books...

These are my latest ledger book additions- and they are all AWESOME. I dont actually know what technically/historically makes a ledger book "awesome" value wise- but in my opinion these are just FABULOUS. A wonderful Valentines day gift from my mom. Thanks mom!
Sunday, February 7, 2010

Butterfly Garland

Check out the new butterfly garland I made. Soon to be available in my etsy shop!


I have been loving all the vintage Valentines Day and loved themed postcards Ive been finding! Ahhh amour!
Ive taken a few of my favorites and turned them into tags. These over sized tags are postcard sized, and are a perfect finishing touch for a gift you may be giving. They can also be used as a Valentines Day card for that special someone. Printed on heavy card stock, they could also be propped up someone or hung on a wall for decoration. Each card has been hand embellished by yours truly and includes gold accents and beautiful shimmering glitter. The back of each card is a pale distressed pink print and has plenty of room for love poems, or sweet nothings to be written. They are available now in my etsy shop. If you'd like to receive your tag before Valentines Day be sure to order by Tuesday. But remember, any day is a good to to show some love!
Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Roses Mirror

Some of my latest work- this is the "Roses Mirror". Its quite a departure from jewelry, but this is the kind of work i have been doing lately. This wooden mirror has been hand collaged using historical images, text and ephemera. I just love it, I hope you do too!

We have snow!

We have snow... and we have a lot of it! Although I havent braved the winter weather for myself yet, I know there has got to be between 1-2 feet out there. I do plan on going out and playing at some point today, and I'll take more pictures then. The snow has turned to soft, smoothy falling big flakes right now which is a nice change from all the wind and blowing snow ive seen all morning. They say the snow will continue into the evening :)

My two little robins have returned a few times to the tree right outside my studio today. I really wish I had picked up some bird seed for the little guys.. next time for sure! Will birdies eat anything that i may have in my cabinets?? Please let me know!
Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bring it on!

I think there are many of us on the east coast bracing ourselves for the next big snow that is going to hit us tomorrow. The weather channel even used the word BLIZZARD in the storm warning. I love it!! I hope it snows, and snows, and snows some more. I am so looking forward to being trapped in the apartment all weekend! Tonight I went to Michaels and wegmans stocking up on all the necessities for the weekend (glitter and brownie mix :)  )

Check out this AWESOME sheet of paper from an old ledger book i got over the weekend. It's just amazing! Its entries run from 1900 to 1905. There are 5oo pages and they are filled front to back, and top to bottom. Aside from a small plastic container full of fake wedding rings i found in an antique store when i was about 13- its my best treasure to date!
And whats even better is this amazing ledger book was one of 4 that i picked up last weekend. Ive decided to open a new etsy shop selling supplies- both new (but used) and vintage. The other three books will be available there in the near future :)

More later- stay warm!