Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vintage: Market Trip

I had the pleasure of spending the entire day with my good friend Annie, perusing the antique market, chatting about everything under the sun, and finding new items to include in each of our vintage boutiques.
I found it hard to stick to my goal of only buying items for myself, but for the most part that's what I got. Take a look at only some of the items from by haul. I feel like I got some really amazing deals:

Over three yards of beautiful, thick metal ribbon. I gasped when I picked this up and saw the price tag of only $10. A great score!
 I spent quite a bit of time picking out a mini collection of postcards. I have a particular craft project in mind for them, and was willing to spend a little more than normal for these beauties. 

 An old union member ribbon from Baltimore. In excellent condition!
 The beautiful metal tassels are my favorite part!

 I found a collection of books from major Italian cities, that each open up to reveal a beautiful black and white map of the city as well as color images. 

 My favorite ephemera dealer had this lovely hand-colored page from a french book. I am in love with it, and the $5 price tags makes it all the better. 
 I can't wait to find the perfect pale wood frame for this sheet. 

 Old silver trinket boxes. Soon to be in the shop. 
 I splurged on a collection of pages from a French book with images of birds. French and could I not?

We found an old tin box that functions in two ways- obviously it's a box, but it's also a calendar. There are three dials within the lid that rotate the display the appropriate month/number. It's still functional and so fabulous!
 I don't usual find myself attracted to oriental art and decor, but this tin was too beautiful and unusual to pass up. And again, its birds!

For only $4 I scored this sweet silver gravy boat that is engraved with the letter S.  I thought it would be perfect for photo shoots, as well as an extra charming flower vase.  And the red beaded flowers were also a steel at only $5!

You can take a sneak-peek at all of the vintage treasures Annie found today on her blog; Goodbye Saturn. And be sure to visit her etsy shop too- she is finding some amazing retro goodies :)


littleloca said...

I love the postcards, I considered doing a art project using old postcards a while ago but could never find any as beautiful as these. x

annie said...

love all the goodies that you found! you have a great eye. i had so much fun. can't wait until our next adventure. let's hurry up and work on our shops so we can go hunting again :)