Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mercury Glass Window Pane Mirror

I spent a large part of the weekend working on a few lingering home decor projects I've been excited to tackle. It felt great to get to this one in particular; a new mercury glass mirror for the top of the stairs. 

I'd found the window pane last weekend on a buying trip with my mom in Pennsylvania.  And while I had planned to buy a pane at the beginning of the day (they are plentiful in our area!), as soon as I saw this pane, with extra long sections, I knew this was the piece for my project. 
Since I've had so much practice with "mercury-glassing" from our wedding, this was a fairly easy project to complete. The most time consuming part- applying all the painters tape and waiting for the varnish sealant to dry overnight. 

Budget Breakdown:
Window Pane: $12
Can of "looking Glass" spray paint: $8
Painters tape, hanging supplies, vanish: on hand
Not too bad! 

As the holidays get closer I look forward to hanging garland at the top of the mirror!

A few progress shots:

There are plenty of tutorial on Pinterest explaining how to make your own mercury glass. It's really easy and provides instant gratification. Don't be afraid and give it a try!


fanciful devices said...

This is awesome!!!!!!