Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July Market Trip

It'd been months since I'd hit the Sunday antique markets in Pennsylvania with my mom.  Understandably, renting a storage unit which currently holds all of our stuff, and living at the in-laws house in their pre-furnished extra bedrooms didn't leave me inspired to decorate. It's been an interesting transition in which I feel (and quite literally did) like I've boxed up all of my decorating ideas, inspiration, and personality and packed them away for the foreseeable future. Buying more items just to be put into storage right away or moved again shortly seems a little insane.  But never the less, I do miss the thrill of the flea markets and the hunt for treasures,  so when I shot mom a text that said "antiquing this sunday?", she gladly accepted the invitation and we planned our (extremely) early meet up to go hunt and scavenge for treasures. 
Fresh, local produce at a farmers stand that poped up at the flea market- beautiful onions!
We had a fabulous day and I hadn't realized I'd missed the market trips as much as I did.  I was also happy to discover that I didn't actually need to be buying things to enjoy the shopping. Not to imply that I didn't buy anything. Because I did :)
Ladder stands approx. 6.5 feet tall x 1.5 feet wide
I spent a whopping $10 (talked the guy down from $12) on this old, weathered ladder. Yes, it will go into storage right away, but I couldn't resist. I'd been wanting one for quite some time with visions of propping it against our future living room wall and draping our blankets and throws over the rungs.  I especially love this ladder because it has an old metal pulley attached to the top rung. Love!

I spent $30 on more glass vases and bowls with the intentions of applying the DIY mercury glass finish to them. We had amazing success with the glass pieces Joe and I already collected and I knew I wanted to make more- for both the wedding and personal decorating. (more on that later) For $30 we found about 12 pieces of glass. Not a bad average price!
What treasures have you found lately? 


Kathy Barrick said...

Ok, now I want a ladder too!

Laurie said...

LOVE the ladder!