Saturday, October 8, 2011

October 8

Ten old dominos are added to the pot today. They are solid wood with creamy white markings. 
An arrow-holding eagle adorns the back of each playing piece.
I've decided to keep it short and sweet today. I'm itching to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we're having in Maryland right now. I'm headed to the farmers market to pick up some fresh fall vegetables, then home to decorate and craft.  Perfection.
What does your "perfect" Saturday include? Whatever that may be, I hope you find yourselves in the midst of it all today.

How the give away works:
Every single day of October I will be adding a fabulous vintage treasure to the prize pot. Then, on November 1st I will select one winner to receive ALL of the items! I have gone through my personal collection of goodies to bring you over 30 of the most fun, unique, inspiring treasures and I hope you love all of them as much as I do.

Be sure to check back everyday to see the daily addition :) 

How do you enter? 
First, you must be a following this blog. (you can become a follower by clicking the "join this site" button on the right sight of the screen).  Then to be entered, simply leave a comment on the daily give away post. That's it! 

How many times can you enter?
You can enter one time each day- for a grand total of 30 chances. 

Want to increase your luck?
If you have a blog, Facebook page, website, or any sort of public forum and you spread the news about my give away complete with a link I will DOUBLE your total number of entries. Yes, double! Please make sure you send me a link to where you have shared the information so I know to double your entries :)


Patty C. said...

What a wonderful idea - Thank you so much - dominos are always a fun display :)

Kathy Barrick said...

Great addition to the pot!! Have fun, fun, fun at the Farmer's Market and crafting today! I'm going to be painting walls. Y*U*C*K!!!!!!!!!!!

fancylinda said...

Have a nice day! My perfect Saturday would include going to my favorite used book store and a nearby antique mall. I'm not going to be doing that today though, I have photos to edit and products to list in my shops. Oh well!

Debbie said...

Dominos! I used to love them that game. And these are beautiful. My perfect Saturday was spent on the back of a motorcycle! What a nice day!

Carmen Sutton & Jean Hohulin said...

I just all the neat items that are adding you have a good eye! Hope you have a wonderful saturday.

Marlene said...

I love dominos.
What a great addition!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! i have not had dominos in AGESSSS!! They are real nice ones!!

Laurie said...

Today in Colorado, we had our first SNOW of the season! The sun came out around 1 pm, and by 3 pm all the snow was melted -- but it did shock into the reality of a coming fall/winter!

WondrousStrange said...

Dominoes are such fun!! These are perfect for creating!! My favorite Saturday includes sleeping late and staying up late while it is quiet to work in my studio:)

Frances said...

I used to play dominoes when I was very young. I wonder if I could add up the score as quickly as I once did??!!

Angela said...

I've never seen dominoes that have numbers higher than six!

fanciful devices said...

can any crafter have too many vintage domines?

WW said...

Such great dominoes.

Melissa said...

Found your exciting giveaway via Vintage Rescue Squad... I'm going through to enter everyday. Loving this whole collection!


Jaime said...

Love the eagles.


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