Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3

Since I'm celebrating the year anniversary of my trip though Ireland I thought it was only appropriate that I include a souvenir from the trip for day #3 of the give away. 
I found this fabulous sheet music in the one of the only antique shops I could find in Galway Ireland. I spent hours in the not-so-big shop looking through everything and making sure nothing went unnoticed. 
These sheets of music came from a very large book that had seen much better days. I bought the entire book just for the individual pages of and actually discarded cover of the book before I left Ireland because it was in such bad shape. 
What I love most are the stamped cover pages of each tune. You can see that this one is marked "DUBLIN". 
The pages are big; about 14 x 10 inches and there are 4 pages that make up this particular piece of music. You will get all 4!

The treasures chest is growing:
Good luck!

How the give away works:
Every single day of October I will be adding a fabulous vintage treasure to the prize pot. Then, on November 1st I will select one winner to receive ALL of the items! I have gone through my personal collection of goodies to bring you over 30 of the most fun, unique, inspiring treasures and I hope you love all of them as much as I do.

Be sure to check back everyday to see the daily addition :) 

How do you enter? 
First, you must be a following this blog. (you can become a follower by clicking the "join this site" button on the right sight of the screen).  Then to be entered, simply leave a comment on the daily give away post. That's it! 

How many times can you enter?
You can enter one time each day- for a grand total of 30 chances. 

Want to increase your luck?
If you have a blog, Facebook page, website, or any sort of public forum and you spread the news about my give away complete with a link I will DOUBLE your total number of entries. Yes, double! Please make sure you send me a link to where you have shared the information so I know to double your entries :)


Debbie said...

From Ireland no less, some place I would love to go to someday. And you went alone!! Very brave! I'm glad you had a nice time. And I'm glad you picked up the sheet music too!!

Kathy Barrick said...

What a gorgeous gift!! You are very generous!!!

Cottage and Broome said...

I love Ireland, went there several years ago beautiful country. Your giveaways are wonderful! Laura Cottage and Broome

fancylinda said...

Another great item! This giveaway is going to be a real treasure trove.

Marlene said...

I'd love to have those sheets of music. I know exactly what I'll do with them. Thanks again.
You were very brave going to Ireland. I'm not sure I could do that.

Anonymous said...

My Day 3 Entry :D this is like counting down to christmas!!

Laurie said...


Deb said...

I would love to visit Ireland one day. This giveaway is going to be wonderful.

Patty C. said...

I love sheet music - It's always so pretty

WondrousStrange said...

My day 3 Entry:) This is so much fun!!

Frances said...

As a pianist, I would love to have that beautiful sheet music from Ireland! How fun is that??

Angela said...

It's looking so good!

fanciful devices said...

I dont know what i'd do with this other than cut it up for neat wrapping. but then, this is too nice to cut up. what would you all do w/it?

WW said...

I love old music, it makes a great background.

Melissa said...

Found your exciting giveaway via Vintage Rescue Squad... I'm going through to enter everyday. Loving this whole collection!


Heidi said...

From Ireland--how wonderful! I think I'd have to make copies of that, because I couldn't bear to craft with the originals!

Jaime said...

One of my dream places to go.


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