Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16

Are you guys having a good weekend? Are you as sad as I am that it's coming to a close??

I've had a very hectic weekend which included a wedding, reuniting with old family members, cleaning the entire house, a sunday morning breakfast date, and getting life together for the coming week. I'm finally able to sit down for some relaxation and "me time". 
And of course that means blogging :)  Today, in honor of all the reminiscing I've been doing about my travels  through Europe, I've decided to offer something I got at the Paris flea markets. 
This card contains an unknown length of Parisian lace. It's dainty, feminine and beautiful. Perfect for almost any craft project you can imagine- you're sure to love this addition. 
I thought about unwinding this lace, but  couldn't bring myself to separate it from the hideous neon orage card, that just happen to have the price I paid in Euros written on it. I'm sure you understand. 

I spent time packing up all of the give away items this afternoon. I wanted to make sure I could fit all of them into a priority mail box, and let me tell you- it's FULL! Including all of these treasures.

Good luck!

How the give away works:
Every single day of October I will be adding a fabulous vintage treasure to the prize pot. Then, on November 1st I will select one winner to receive ALL of the items! I have gone through my personal collection of goodies to bring you over 30 of the most fun, unique, inspiring treasures and I hope you love all of them as much as I do.Be sure to check back everyday to see the daily addition :) 

How do you enter? 
First, you must be a following this blog. (you can become a follower by clicking the "join this site" button on the right sight of the screen).  Then to be entered, simply leave a comment on the daily give away post. That's it! 

How many times can you enter?
You can enter one time each day- for a grand total of 30 chances. 

Want to increase your luck?If you have a blog, Facebook page, website, or any sort of public forum and you spread the news about my give away complete with a link I will DOUBLE your total number of entries. Yes, double! Please make sure you send me a link to where you have shared the information so I know to double your entries :)


Kathy Barrick said...

I remember the day you bought that lace and the vendor you bought it from! It was SUCH an awesome day!!!

Mindi said...

Beautiful lace.

fancylinda said...

Oh, pretty! I have just the project for it!

Debbie said...


WondrousStrange said...

All that energy...buts sounds like a great weekend:)Lovely lace!!

Marlene said...

This is fun. I love reading your blog. Thanks for the lovely lace addition.

Angela said...

Sweet, like my weekend!

Frances said...

Beautiful French lace! It would be beautiful in finishing cross stitch ornaments! Thanks for including this!

Carmen Sutton & Jean Hohulin said...

Lovely lace and what fond memories you have! Thanks for sharing.

Laurie said...

Wow -- how can you part with this?! So generous.

fanciful devices said...

so delicate.

WW said...

I love how it looks on that card.

Melissa said...

Found your exciting giveaway via Vintage Rescue Squad... I'm going through to enter everyday. Loving this whole collection!


Jaime said...

Wonderful for crafting.

Lauren said...



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