Sunday, September 16, 2007


I'll admit, I have found some of the more recent Metalsmith magazines a little lacking. I had trouble finding anything that really excited me included in these issues, and sometimes the publication seems slightly behind the technology times.

However, I was quite happily surprised with the latest issue. Yes, the cover is annoyingly pink (to say the least), but the contents of this Curated Exhibition in Print issues is quite lovely. Ellen Lupton was the guest curator, and did an impeccable job selecting the artists included this year. Her statement also starts out singing the phrase of Baltimore's own Betty Cooke for her design skills. Through her eclectic selection of artists and work, I have been introduced to many new artists working today.

Roberta and David Williamson

Diane Falkenhagan

Sam Shaw

SNAG also has a new website up and running. Hopefully this is a peek of things to come for SNAG...