Sunday, September 23, 2007

A long awaited update!

Finally!!!!! I have updates for you!!

Thank you Jess, for being my guest blogger! I watched Hocus Pocus twice over the weekend for a little fall cheer. Good Call!

Exciting news- my mom, Kathy Barrick is starting her own blog for her new company Isabella Cinderella. A joint venture with her friend Anne Brown. It should be good, so check it out. She will also be doing a guest blog spot for me sometime this week, so look for that.

Ive finally refocused my energy back where it always should have been; my jewelry!! And i have been seeing some great results! Yesterday I spent all day putting the finishing touches on a bunch of projects, and brainstorming many new designs. Here is a sneak peek!


eliza kate said...

i like where you are going with the bunch of dangling beads, nice alternative