Sunday, September 16, 2007


Fall is in the air! It makes me so happy! Today while having my Starbucks outside with Eliza, i was actually COLD, even with my jacket on! YES!! Time for layers, scarves, extra blankets on beds, and all of those good things! Halloween will be here before you know it, then Thanksgiving, and Christmas time right behind that! This is definitely my favorite time of year!

The image above is taken from the Michaels website, and is one of Martha Stewarts new kits for fall. Im loving the idea, and think i may be copying miss Martha in the near future! Im such a sucker for glitter...

I may be jumping ahead of myself a little here, but my mom just bought me this great book and i wanted to share it with you. My mom and i have a shared joy of Christmas, and start getting ready way before most people even start to think about it. Its one of my favorite things to bond with my mom over, and we always have the best time.
This book, called Merry and Bright has 301 GREAT idea for holiday decorating and entertaining. Even if i never use one of the ideas from this book (and im SURE i will), just looking at all the pictures makes me happy! Don't be fooled by the fact that Country Living put this book out either. Its absolutely fabulous, and doesn't have the gingerbread/clothespin angle ideas you might expect from the Country Living of the past. For a decorating addict like me like me, its a must read!

Fa La La La La... La La La LA!!

Another trait i got from my mom was the need to collect things in bulk. like these brass bangles! I bought them for a project that never happened (shocking!) . So now that i have been cleaning house, I decided i just don't need them anymore. Want them, think you can use them.. Great! Email me, they are yours!


Juliet said...

Ohhh! I think I can use them if you still have them laying around! let me know!