Monday, September 24, 2007


Confession-I have given every aspect of my future wedding much and careful consideration. (To any one who really knows me, this is NO surprise). I could tell you RIGHT NOW what details and traditions i want included in my spcial day, as well as those details and traditions i want excluded. I have a binder, well two binders actually that are full of ideas, images, inspirations, dress', cakes, name it, its in there. I have been collecting ideas for years, literally. I don't know what it is about weddings that intrigues me. Its really not the being married (forever-YIKES!) part, but more just about that one, fabulous day.

Although i dont think most women are quite as wedding obsessed as me, i do think most have given some thought to their own wedding, if not already had their own wedding. So I just wanted to share some of the more creative ideas i have seen or heard focusing on weddings. Just some things to think about... enjoy!

-if you have many guests coming from out of town, or guests that you dont get to see as much as you'd like, consider inviting everyone to a local baseball game while they are in town for your wedding.

-place a small arrangement of flowers on seats of loved ones who are no longer with you but whom you would like to recognize during the ceremony

-long sparklers make for a lovely send off at the end of your reception

-opt for the actual photographs of you and your groom instead of the less intimate powerpoint presentation. They can be tacked to foam core or strung up using cloths pins.

-rent an old fashioned photo booth at the reception. The kind that prints strips of 4 photos!

-consider your guests comfort and provide shaws, umbrellas, sunscreen, fans etc, dependent on the weather and location

-have the caterer prepare a to-go package of food to be brought to your room at the end of the reception with a bottle of champagne. Chances are you wont have the opportunity to enjoy the dinner at the reception.

-opt for a smaller cake (much cheaper!) and have plain sheet cakes in the back that are also cut and given to guests..they will never know!

All images are from InStyle Wedding, Martha Stewart Weddings