Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rock My World

Question: Best music to get pumped in the studio or just in general? I always like to hear what works for other people, and I may discover some new tunes at the same time. Reply as a comment for everyone to see!

My list:
The Way I Are- Timbaland and Keri Hilson
Somebody Told Me- The Killers
Smooth Criminal- Michael Jackson
Slave- Britney Spears (yes, i am embarassed)
SexyBack- Justin (not embarssed at all)
Kelly Clarkson- Miss Independent
Naive- The Kooks
Clothes Off- Gym Class Hero's
The Saints are Coming- U2 with Green Day

Just waiting for the new Matchbox 20 to come out...its gonna be good!!
Song I NEVER want to hear again: Hey there Delilah

This is a hand-cut paper image of a clef music note that i found on ArabesqueArtsbyDarcy's etsy shop. Very cool! What patients she must have!


annie said...

love this question!

so into the jack johnson vibe in the studio at the moment

2007 pitchfork music festival sampler (free at emusic)

bob marley's best of (i turn soul rebel up really high)

i guess i'm in an ocean, beachy, florida-mood this summer. . .

Juliet said...

Hmmm...if it is a plate breaking day I like something angry, usually listen to Fungus, the punk station on XM.

I had a great solder day the other day listening to Al Green.

("Jr." likes classical taped to my belly...) =)

eliza kate said...

I'm obsessed with LCD Soundsystem and I can never go wrong with INcubus.
My favorite is the indie rock station on Sirius radio.