Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Sunday

Today was the last day of the first international gem and jewelry show fall 2007 season. So that meant i drove down to Chantilly VA with my mom to buy some totally unnecessary beads and stones. I have SO many of both already that I have yet to do anything with, but how can you resist buying more...! Tables upon tables of bead strands laid out to cover the Chantilly Expo center, as well as precious stones in every shape and color you can imagine. I did maintain some self control, but I can promise you some good things are in the works. I was also happy to pick up several feet of sterling more jump ring soldering...hallelujah.

I highly recommend visiting one of these shows when they come to your area (they travel all over the US). It is impossible not to find something to spark your creativity!! My only warning is; be prepared to be overwhelmed by pushy people, and a few pushy vendors.

Since we were in the VA/DC area, my mom and I also headed over to PaperSource in Georgetown. Georgetown is such an awesome shopping area with tons of stores i like to browse in, although the highlight is always stopping in Papersource. Its a two floor store with stationary, albums, gift wrap, books, and tons of other fun things. I picked up three of these super cute little suitcases ideal for sending my work to stores.