Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Discoveries and frustrations...

I have made 2 nice discoveries today:
1. I have wireless Internet at work. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. The DC Craft Mofia's website.

Thanks to a comment from Megan Auman on another blog I was reading, I linked to the DC Craft mofia website. I found there online forum to be very interesting, as well as informative. They are discussing etsy, local shows and good reads among other things. I also discovered that like the Charm City Craft Mofia, they do seasonal sales. I missed the boat on their holiday sale this year, but ive made note of it for next year. Their blog and forum is definitely worth checking out!
My reason for being frustrated? Why do i ALWAYS stumble onto great show opportunities literally 1 week past the application deadline. ALWAYS!!!!!!

Another website for you to check out: Anne Brown from the Goode Huswife. She and my mom are friends, and have started a new company together to sell there work. They are currently in the process of having a new website made. Im loving all the witches Anne has been doing, and cant wait to see what they come up with next!


megan said...

Check out handmade arcade in pittsburgh. I don't the deadline for that one has passed yet.

Liz said...

Thats on my list! I have the rest of the week off so my plan is to work like crazy and apply for Handmade arcade, Holiday Parade,Holiday Heap and anything else I can find!