Monday, August 20, 2007

Fall Ring

Given a choice, nine times out of ten i will choose the cool blue/green colors opposed to the warm yellows and reds. Lately though, i have been really drawn to these colors. Maybe Im subliminally attracted to them because they remind me of fall, my favorite season that i am impatiently waiting for. Who knows... I just know that i am loving my new ring. I wish the photo showed the depth of the ring, it really doesn't do the ring justice. Its the same silver setting as the black and white ring, just with another design set into it. The silver in this ring is also oxidized to compliment the black lines in the drawing. This photo just reminds me that its time to call the professionals in for photography. I think that is at the top of my priority list for tomorrow.

And in unrelated news, I had a dream last night that 523 had marked me as a favorite shop on etsy. I was ecstatic. Not sure if its a bad sign im dreaming about that, but today i made it to 16! Gotta start somewhere...


annie said...

one in a size five please!