Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blue Ornamental Necklace

Here is my latest necklace! I know the details are hard to see, so Im adding some more detailed pictures as well. I can honestly say that this piece doesn't feel like "me", but I really love it. Maybe that's a good thing... working outside my comfort zone etc. Im working on a butter yellow colored one next, because according to InStyle, yellow is all the rage this summer. Woops, summer is pretty much over...
I had the settings cast, and its pre-fab chain. A little differnt than what Im used to doing, but I can make a lot more in less time...thats a plus! Each image is hand drawn and colored as always, and each one is differnt.

Ive had the last two days off, and i have been painting my bedroom, and cleaning my apt. I plan on staying up late tonight working, and im really excited! Im hoping to bust a few more things out, and I'll keep you posted!

P.S. Kenny Chesney concert tomorrow... CANT WAIT!


eliza kate said...

I like the turq., black and wh color scheme...hint, hint(for my ring)