Thursday, August 30, 2007


My fairly new (8 months old) computer has just crashed on me. I cant even begin to tell you how frustrated i am. Literally, it doesnt even turn on. And the last time it did, the screen was total static, just like a tv station that doesnt come in. I really dont think computers are supposed to do that! So now I have to ship it back to HP so they can repair it in "7-9 business day". And by repair, i do mean factory restoring it, or giving me a new one. I can think of a few choice 4-letter words to insert here. I am loosing EVERYTHING!!! My songs, website files, favorite links... you name it. The ONLY good thing I will say is that i was able to back up all my photos. And that is what would truly break my just sentimental like that! So anyway...this ranting post does actually make me feel better, so thanks for listening.

One more day of work then a long weekend that i am REALLY looking forward too! The Kenny Chesney concert was AMAZING, and Im going ot the John Michael Montgomery concert tomorrow at the Maryland State Fair. geeze, im so country! My cousins wedding is the weekend, so lots of family is in town, and im sure that is how i will spend most of my weekend. I do hope to get some work done, and I will keep you posted!


megan said...

Sorry to hear about your computer.

eliza kate said...

what's with all the country all of a sudden??? my aunt used to live next door to John Michael Montgomery in Tennessee.

MelissaNoonan said...

we missed you at the sexy party tonight. hope your class went well.