Friday, July 27, 2007


I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for the Outter Banks with two of my best friends. I am so excited, and have been looking forward to this trip for such a long time! We don't get spend much time together anymore, so Im ready for a little girl bonding sea-side. I have the Sex and the City dvd's packed (btw, how excited are you that they are FINALLY making the movie), lots of nail polish, cute summer dresses, and lots of suntan lotion, because I am sure to burn. And i just found out the house has wire-less internet..fabulous!

Speaking of great girl bonding, last night I had dinner with Annie from Imogene. Annie and I graduated from Towson together about 2 years ago (yikes!), and we have continued to keep in touch. I can't tell you what a great time I had with her. Reminiscing, talking business, catching up, laughing. I really don't get to see her enough. I left dinner truly inspired, and ready to give my business the attention it deserves! What a great role model!
She also just happened to be wearing her new squirrel necklace, which is totally adorable. The photo doesn't do this piece justice, its the perfect piece for summer!


Annie said...

have fun at the beach! can i come next time? don't spend too much time on the computer :)