Sunday, July 22, 2007

CW Roelle

phewwwww..artscape is over!! The Metals Guild had a really good show, but i am glad its over! Now i will have time to relax and work on my own stuff again.

While i spent much of the weekend working, i did get to walk around a little see some of the work that was being sold at Artscape.

Although, i only bought one photograph, i did find two artists who's work i feel in love with...

C.W. Roelle makes artwork using metal wire. They are AMAZING! I was immediately drawn to them because of the line quality, but the more i looked at them, the more intersting they became. He does images of people, boats, landscapes, and my favorite; birdcages. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, and hopefully one day soon, this piece will be hanging on my wall. Def check out his work here!

And.. the company Had Matter. They make little box/wall hangings and key holders to hang on your wall. She did a nice job pairing found objects with images. And for a very nice price. Here is one of my favorites.


Annie said...

i have one of those mad hatter key holders hanging up in my house! i scoped them out every year and finally picked mine up last year. good job on artscape! i'm sorry i couldn't make it this year. (weddings and such!)