Monday, July 30, 2007

A few websites

So far the vacation has been wonderful! We are at Cape Hatteras where the water is surprisingly clear and warm. Im not usually the kind of person who swims in the ocean, but I spent the good part of yesterday riding waves and playing in the surf with my best friends. I have gotten a little sunburned, but its a small price to pay for so much fun.

I am so glad I brought my computer, I have had tons of time to play online!! I have been researching holiday shows on the east coast with deadlines i haven't missed. Id like to do two or three this year, and see how things go. I have also been looking at websites trying to figure out how i would like mine to be re-built. Suggestions??
DesignSpong is a blog i check daily (along with every other blogger in the world), and through this blog i found the website for Prisera Design. Laura Su is the designer/owner, and she has got one great eye for design and one lovely website. Its amazing what a difference putting the jewelry on models makes! It looks so professional. Her Flora and Folium collection is by far my favorite collection. So simple! One of those collections that makes me say "why didn't i think of that". This collection uses a combination of stainless steel and sterling silver.

Another website I have been pouring over is Sarah Hood's. Sarah is not at all new to the art jewelry industry, but for some reason, I had never been to her website. Much of her work is recognizable from being in jewelry design books and magazines over the years. My absolute favorite piece of her work is this ring she made using a Japanese lantern skeleton. The natrually complex structure is so delicate with a beautiful pattern that really appeals to me. I probably saw this image years ago, but got to see it in person recently at gallery M.I.M. as part of their Material Alchemy exhibition. They were displayed in perfect wooden shadow box's and ready to be hung on a wall, or set on a shelf. You can also find Sarah's work on etsy.