Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hello Martha...

I have been busy running around getting things together for packaging, photographing and other things dealing with my jewelry. One of the stops I've made quite a few times actually is Michaels craft store. Michaels is usually a pretty fun store to shop in, but since they recently added Martha Stewarts line of craft supplies, I have cant seem to run in and run out of the store like i used too. I have always been a fan of Martha Stewart, religiously purchasing her magazines (both living and wedding), and cookbooks. Although I find some of her suggestions and ideas can be labor intensive, they are still creative and original. But i must say...I am in LOVE with everything in the Martha Stewart craft line. The paper, tags, kits, boxes, punches, glitter, ribbon....EVERYTHING is perfect!! Everything is designed to coordinate, so you can't go wrong, and it couldn't be easier. I can't wait to go back and look some more! You can rest assured that you will be seeing some of her products being used with Liz Mathews Jewelry Design!

Here are a few of my favorite products from the line. Garden labels (actually make me wish i had a garden), decorative boxes, and aqua glitter.