Saturday, January 21, 2012


Baltimore has finally gotten some winter weather! We have had a very mild season so far, and I've been anxiously awaiting something to remind me that we're at the end of January!
Although we didn't get the snow I was hoping for last night, we did get lots of ice. And now it's as if every little thing is covered in a thick layer of glass.
Everything is still grey, quite, and peaceful outside so I bundled up and went out to capture some of the small details before they all melt away. 


fancylinda said...

Beautiful photos.

Mary Anne said...

I also love the photo's of ICE. So well captured! (I have also commented on The Stork)

Mary Anne ox

Iamhere said...

wow this is so beautiful i love your blog x

Cottage and Broome said...

Love the ice photos, we have not had much snow this year either. Laura

Marlene said...

Just beautiful!
It all looks so still and peaceful.

Laurie said...

Now that is a dedicated photographer! I love the photos.