Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coffee table

I'm happy to announce that an upgrade has been made in our house. Specifically speaking, this is an upgrade to our coffee table. 

 One of our/my Christmas presents this year was an industrial cart! It came as a complete surprise, and I was absolutely beside myself when I found out about the gift!
 And this isn't just any old industrial cart either- this is the perfect cart. It has all it's original metal wheels and components, which were once painted green and still has much of the chippy paint remaining.  There is even old, warn black stenciling on the sides with a small piece of rusty old chain too! I absolutely love it, and I am such a lucky girl!
Now that the holidays are done I'm looking forward to re-styling the living and making this coffee table more of a focal point. I'm headed to Pinterest directly to look for some ideas!


Cottage and Broome said...

Love your new table, what a great gift, looks wonderful in your room. Travel in the new year is always a great goal. I will be traveling NYC several times this year to visit my daughter. Wish I was going someplace overseas, maybe next year…. Laura

Laurie said...

It's beautiful!!