Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vintage: A Contest!

Please enter my contest--
In an effort to build a more beautiful blog- one that you look forward to visiting each and every single day, I need your opinion. Please leave a comment letting me know two things; first, what are your most favorite blogs, and secondly, what are some of the features you've most enjoyed on other blogs? 

In one week- April 6th, I will choose (at random) one of the comments left on this post, and send that lucky winner all of the products features in the photo above- and maybe a little surprise too :) A jumbo safety pin perfect for any collage-er, a postcard direct from the Paris markets, a metal number tag, and a strip of vintage tickets.
I appreciate all your help, and time!
Here is a view of the back side of the French post card the winner will receive. Isn't it lovely! 


Anonymous said...

Hey Lizzie it's CP! This is my favorite blog:

I check it almost daily. I love the way she lays things out and how the whole things seems a bit whimsical. It's a good mix of fashion, art, lifestyle and personal stories:)

Kathy Barrick said...

I most enjoy blogs which are updated very frequently, with lots of photographs, that talk a bit about professional and personal subjects, that encourage interaction and just plain entertain. Some of my favorite blogs are PlumStreetSamplers, Pioneer Woman, Heart Strings by Beth Twist, Not Forgotten Farm, and YOURS, of course!!

Anonymous said...

hi Liz
Oh I think your contest prizes are very cool I can't french but who cares!!! and the number 48 is a good number for me! count me in please!
Now your questions well
I like a lot of blogs I don't have one myself but I love visiting them!
I like to read about decorating ideas,cooking,quilting,shopping trips,what one bought and how they'll use it, seeing pictures like you feather tree at christmas it was beautiful! seeing finish projects hearing about mistakes that one made it's interesting reading and very entertaining. Your blog to me is fresh and a youthful twist.Hearing of your journeys is very entertaining.
there you go good luck and thanks for the chance to win.
Darlene N

lorraine said...

Liz....I only read 3 or 4 blogs, as i work2 jobs and am often on late at night. the blogs i enjoy the most have music as you read and look at the pics....always have current pictures, and actually give a little history..of their families, travels, etc..and tell of all the people they have met through out their lives.
I love vintage jewelry and that is how i found you..Love Kathy Barrick, and the wonderful Christine Wallace!
Another bLog i follow is from Diane Cook...and now yours!
keep smiling, Lorraine

Nina said...


I've found your blog through Kathy Barrick's blog.
What are my favorite blogs... because I am a stitcher of course I most like the stitchers blogs. Especially the french ones. I always get some inspirations, ideas, this is why I love reading so many blogs :) I love the vintage style too, and great photos, I have so many favorite blogs.
I'm not sure this is what you asked, sorry if I misunderstood you.

Kind regards,

Elizabeth said...

some fave blogs -
Bye Bye Pie
Notes from the Voodoo Lounge
Nice Girl Notes
Crap I've Made

features I like -
writing with a sense of humor
tutorials with pictures
short posts

Thank you, Elizabeth

barbara r-g said...

i am new to this blogging thing and i love it. i like blogs that update at least once a week and those that have great pictures and ideas that sometimes give you information on how you might create what they have. your blog looks lovely keep up the good work. sharing is really the bottom line. love giveaways as we all do.

Marlene said...

My favorite blogs are Blackbird Designs and Elegant Stitch. I am a stitcher but I do lots of different kinds of crafts but what I really like about these blogs is that they are personal. One gets to know about the blogger and their likes and dislikes are and what they're up well as new stitching products.
I love jewelry also so it's nice to see what Kathy Barrick (your mom) is up to. I have purchased a few things from you once upon a time when you returned from a Paris trip.
I'll have to check out your blog more often. You asked some good questions. Thanks.

Carmen Sutton & Jean Hohulin said...

Hi Liz,
I too wonder what people like in blogs and while I have one it is hard for me to update, because I think I haven't done anything to exciting or at least nothing that anyone would want to read about!
But I can help you with what I blogs features I like and see in others.... I love when they are updated often (go figure) I love pictures, I see a cool picture and then I read, I like to see what the bloger is up to, places bloger visits, shops that they have gone to, projects they are working on, and how to on some technique they are willing to share with the reader!
Blogs I like are Funky Junk Interiors, She has great pictures, ideas and how to
Notes from Blue Hen Hollow, being a stitcher she has lots of stitching up dates, links to stitching sites she has found, lots of pictures of her projects and things around her and to top it all of she is quite funny so its fun to read her posts.
So good luck with your contest and if you find the perfect blogging formula please share as I could use some help also!

Marlene said...

Hi Liz,
I enjoy Blackbird Designs blog, Elegant Stitch blog.
These are needlework blogs....I used to follow Kathy Barrick's blog more when it was a needlework site. I do enjoy seeing/reading about events of the day, adventures taken, new discoveries, and new products.
Yours is a new blog that I'd like to follow...very good!!

karen said...

hi liz - your pictures on this blog and anecdotes about the fun (and sometimes not so fun but challenging) stuff of life & crafts and traveling around (nearby and farther) and relating to the arts & crafts & antiques - the sun coming up perfect and the story with it! - while I may never get to that antique dealers shop you went to but will add it to my list! stitching knitting antique-ing travelling etc - favorites include kathy barrick(!) - by the bay needleart - fog city dweller - posie gets cozy - crazy aunt purl - mason-dixon knitting - a southerner under northern lights