Friday, March 18, 2011

Create: Collage Box- FINISHED!

 Here is the finished product! The glue finished setting last night, and although I wish I could sit this on a shelf in the house, the only place this project is going is into a moving box! I look forward to finding the perfect place for this collage in the new house :)

Take a closer look at some of my favorite parts of this collage.
Velvet flowers from France. 
This sequined butterfly was originally part of a necklace mom had created that appeared on Good Morning America!
Original victorian scrap. I love vintage paper and ephemera!
An original collage is shown off behind a beautiful chandelier crystal I found at the flea market in Paris.
This is my favorite compartment! It houses a lovely weathered metal flower and an old tag.
Black french cut glass flowers.  So charming!
These small vials were found with miniature parts still in them!
Vintage Ivory chips with hand carved and painted letters. I chose "P" because when translated with french butterfly becomes Papillion.  The butterflies themselves are original pieces of victorian scrap. 
Lovely and delicate french lace adds texture to the background of this block.

I hope I've inspired to you to get to work on our own collage box. It really was a fun project to do, and it's a great excuse to get out all of your treasures and study them. Please do send pictures if you decided to take this project on :)


Kathy Barrick said...

I got to see this in person today and it's absolutely stunning!! In fact, I might ask for one for Christmas! (hint*hint*hint)