Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Travel: Packing

The days are really flying by now! In four short days I'll be on a plane bound for Ireland.  All alone (gulp)!

The truth is I've had my suitcase out in the corner of my room for about a month now.  As soon as I confirmed the trip I started adding little things I wanted to bring along as I stumbled across them. And at one point my suitcase did indeed look like the Leaning Tower if Piza- sweaters dont condense well, and I do love a good sweater. Especially in Ireland :)
But I finally came to my senses an realized I was going just a bit overboard. I spent last night re-grouping and doing some mix-and-matching of outfits. Im now proud to report that my two stacks of cloths (tops and bottoms) are down to about 4 items each.  I know thats all I'd end up wearing anyway, so I feel good about making the decision now!
Two things have me totally stumped though; shoes and purse. REALLY stumped. Particularly with the bag. It needs to be big enough to hold my camera in its bag, a guidebook and my wallet at all times. Thats a big bag! Take a peek at my ideal solution:
Swoon! This bag is TDF! I found it at Anthropologie last night, and somehow walked away from it. Now Im regretting it. Im really pleased that I havent purchased any new clothing or shoes for the trip, but I think I could be just as happy sporting this baby around Dublin. We'll see, but Im sure I can make do with something I already own.  And if I feel I'm having a weak moment, I'll just remind myself of the price tag.

On the agenda for tonight- compiling my craft box and journaling supplies.  When we were in Paris I spent each night journaling and collaging pieces of ephemera from the day and I plan to do the same on this trip. It's the perfect way to wind down at night, reflect on the day, and make sure you remember all the little details for years to come.

I also plan on adding a few new things to the shop before I leave, so be sure to visit often.
Hope you'r having a great day!