Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Create: Travel Journal

As promised ages ago, here are some shots of my Paris travel journal. I've finally added some photos I got developed after the trip, and I still intend on going back and embellishing some of the pages.
 I used on old blank ledger book I found at an antique shop as my journal. It was in perfect condition, and still had strong binding, so I thought it would be perfect to handle all of the things I add to my journals. And, I knew it would withstand the test of time. I cant wait to read over my journal over the years!
Some photos I added when we returned. As well as a piece of an old french document I found at the flea markets. It was already in poor condition, and I thought it would be perfect in my journal since it was my favorite find from the markets!

A map of Versaille, as well as our ticket stubs. (I love ticket stubs!)

This is my most favorite page! I found this great pigeon feather while walking in front of the Tour Eiffel on day. I knew I couldn't leave it on the ground to be trampled! The rub-ons around the feather were found in a Paris scrapbook store earlier that same day.

A journal page from my birhtday. Joyeux Anniversaire = Happy birthday.

Flower pressings from the birthday flowers mom gave me :)

All the tabs that mark the different days of our trip and journaling. I made the tabs using pieces of ephemera I collected while on the trip. Tickets, ribbon, business cards, and product packaging all make great tabs! And the search for great tab "pieces" throughout the day was fun too!