Thursday, September 30, 2010

Create: Craft Box

While photographing my Paris journal I re-read all of my entries.  This is a snip-it of the very last entry in the book. I've been having brief moments of panic over the last few days when I realize that I will be in Ireland all alone.  After seeing these few sentences I suddenly felt better and calm. I don't know why they put me at such ease, but they did the trick.

Here is what my travel craft box holds. Ribbon, glue, rub-ons, scissors, stickers....  Mom is coming into town tonight for a visit, and Im hoping we can pick up a few new colored pens, water colors and water color paper. Pastel-y and soft. Thats the direction I see this journal going in.

 You know how I love photographing the moon! Here is one of my most recent shots. Its been very rainy her in B-more lately, so I was happy to snap this photo at my parents house in PA a few days ago. I cant wait to get some moon shots from Ireland!

P.S.  I hate packing.