Saturday, May 8, 2010


Reasons I need to move to a house or townhouse:

1. Id really LOVE a dog. Ive been waiting years and years, and I still cant have one.
2. More potted plants and shrubbery. Aside from being a joy to the eye, they also make great photo props. Which leads me to...
3. Different backgrounds for photos. Concrete balcony with brown railing = not visusally satisfying.
4. Im a girl with A LOT of stuff, and I would love some more rooms to spread out in.
5. Not to mention decorating those other rooms.
6. Guests would be more happy to visit and stay over night if I had a guest room.
7. I could play my music as load as I want. Which is loud. And i could dance around freely as opposed to driving my downstairs neighbor nuts.
8. "House" sounds more grown up than "apartment"

What do you think?