Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daily Creativity

Here are a few shots of my work in process. Its almost done, but I think I have some "tweaking" to do. Doesnt feel quite finished to me yet.

Ledger paper from 1903, vintage lace, and rubber stamp from Paris.
Add to that one vintage photograph of girlfriends, three ticket stubs, and a lock hole (whats that word, Mom?)
I finished it off  (so far...) with three keys, and copy of a saying from an old autograph book and acorns. I tried to base everything on this photo of the three girls. I imagine they were the best of friends, who had their photograph taken as one amazing summer was coming to a close. They shared secrets, adventures and memories. 
I'll share all the details of the project tomorrow.


kathybarrick said...

And what a gorgeous piece!!!!