Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Work work work

Its one of those weeks (and i dont see an end in sight), where I cant get my mind to settle down. Its always making lists, thinking ahead, prioritizing things that need to get done before the show. Actually beyond the show- my fingers are crossed that I will have MANY orders to fill afterwards. Here's hoping!

Somehow (dont ask me how), we have a trip to Deep Creek Lake planed this weekend. I am super pumped to get up to the mountains and spend time with good friends doing something fun, and unusual. Im hoping that my worries about time and work will disappear at least for the weekend.
Maybe after all my orders are filled- I can consider grabbing some of my girlfriends and convincing them to go on one of these Craft Cruises with me. Alaskan beading cruise, China knitting cruise?!?! They also offer cruises for scrap booking, and hand weaving. Sign me up!


eliza mundy said...

WHAT??? crafting and cruising... that's AWESOME. Let's go on the Northern European or Meditteranean knitting cruise. I'm totally game.