Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Grey Wednesday

It is a cold, wet day here in Baltimore. Its hard to get moving on days like this, but im trying to take full advantage some extra days off.

I spent the morning at the tire shop because i had 3, yes THREE nails in my tire. Not fun! Especially the part where i had to hand over my visa card to cover the one and only tire i can afford. There are so many more fun things to spend money on, im sure you agree!

Anyway. Im devoting the day to getting stuff ready for Philly. Maybe some paperwork/computer work? I cant believe market is only 6 weeks away! I literally have a stack of paperwork at attend too. But...i kinda enjoy it! Im a weirdo! Wish me luck!
Ps. Just bought the Lady Gaga album on I-tunes. TOTALLY rocks!! I highly recommend it! Im dancing around the apartment!


Valerie A. Heck said...

That's funny I like doing paperwork too, I think I like accomplishing things and cleaning off my desk most, there's always something on it! See you soon!