Thursday, January 29, 2009


Thats right... Im having another sale!!

Ive been working hard to fine tune my line, and Ive decided to place some of the items that im not including on sale! Take advantage!!!
Also, Im sad to say that after MUCH consideration, and double-checking, Ive decided that its time to raise many of my prices. Unfortunately, my old prices didn't take into account labor, and at this point i think its important that the price reflects the amount of time that goes into EACH and EVERY piece. All made with my two hands- no machines, tricks or short cuts here!

All the better reason to scoop up what you've had your eye on now!


Ali D. said...

good for you! it's a big step, but an important one -- especially now that you're venturing into the wild world of wholesale. Yee-haw!