Friday, January 9, 2009

To cast or not to cast..

Although Philly is still 5 weeks, I feel like its getting down to the wire when it comes with creating new work and designs. Im ready to finalize my catalog, and stop thinking about it!

Now i am faced with this decision; do i cast this little guy and put him into production? I really do like him, and A LOT of people love bird jewelry. Its hard to tell the scale in this picture, but he measures just 1 1/8 inch beak to tail. Tiny and cute!
I spent a wonderful day with my good friend Annie in her studio. I got to ask her a million questions about wholesale shows, and got her opinion on lots of things too. Although i am appropriately nervous about this adventure, she helped to calm me down and re-prioritize.Her intern, Lizzie, has been helping me out with the production of new work for the show as well. Thanks Lizzie!
Back to work! Happy Friday!


eliza mundy said...

LOVE it, CAST it!