Sunday, September 14, 2008


Let me just start out by, im not engaged, or married.

But this is what I went out this morning to buy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE weddings, the planing of weddings, the event itself, the magazines...all of it. I will also admit that I have been considering a new "real job" with an event planning company. Anyway, I will spend hours (literally) looking over these books and mags, tearing out ideas and saving them for a rainy day. I'll share some with you sometime, like i did in this post a while ago.

Ok, off to watch a girly movie and read my new mags :) Thing its back to the studio to make more work for Crafty Bastards!


eliza mundy said...

You are ridiculous...
But, I would love to start a wedding/party planning business too. Jennifer Lopez makes it look really fun in the movie.
Laurel has me obsesses with wedding blogs now. I'll have to share them with you.

Catherine Chandler said...

I love love love weddings too!!! I've been planning ours for about 2 and a half years now ;)

Juliet said...

wedding planning makes my shiver. =)

lolojane said...

So can I interest you in planning my wedding? So far it hasn't been all sunbeams and lollipops. =)